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The best tech gifts and fitness gadgets for exercise lovers

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Power up a loved one’s training with these fitness gadgets designed to help them work hard and recover faster. 

2021 has been a tough year for fitness fanatics. After starting the year in lockdown, they finally got gyms back and were allowed to race and compete. But it still feels like everyone is feeling kind of weird about training right now. 

What gym lovers really need for Christmas is something to bring the sparkle back to their workout routines. That might be in the form top of the range kit that will supercharge at-home exercise, tech that will track every step of their run or gadgets that will help them recover in time for their next session better than an ice bath ever could. 

So, if your friend, relative or gym buddy is in need of some fitness tech, we’ve rounded up the best of the bunch. From watches to massage guns and skipping ropes to headphones, there’s something to make 2022’s workouts better than this year’s. 

  • Whoop 4.0

    Whoop band 4.0 in blue
    Best fitness tech: Whoop

    A tracker with a difference. Rather than just displaying your steps and workout stats, the Whoop band analyses your data with precision to give recommendations on training and recovery. The perfect gift for those who want to learn about their body, as well as just move it. 

    Shop Whoop 4.0 plus six-month subscription, £180

  • Beats Solo³ Headphones

    Beats wireless overhead headphones in black
    Best fitness tech: Beats

    A battery life that survives over 40 hours of playtime means they’ll be set for weeks of workouts. The wireless design also makes for hassle-free training, so they can focus on getting through burpees rather than getting caught in cables.

    Shop Beats Solo³ Headphones  £129

  • Nurvv Smart Insoles

    Nurvv Smart Insoles
    Best fitness tech: Nurvv Smart Insoles

    Any runner in your life will benefit from these insoles. They monitor every step from the source of the action (the feet) to provide real-time insights and tailored training tips. 

    Shop Nurvv Smart Insoles, £249.99

  • Theragun Elite

    Best fitness tech: Theragun

    Forget massage – this gadget does it all for you from the privacy of your own home, tapping away at tense and sore muscles to release knots. Pairing with a phone to guide the user through sessions, they’ll be prepped and primed for their next workout in no time. 

    Shop Theragun Elite massage gun, £375

  • Huawei FreeBuds

    Huawei ear buds
    Best fitness tech: Huawei ear buds

    Safety first: just a tap will switch the earphones from blasting music to ‘awareness mode’ so they can hear their surroundings, like cars coming for example. Enhanced voices also means they won’t miss you calling their name from the other side of the gym. 

    Shop Huawei FreeBuds, £87.99

  • Bowflex 840 Kettlebell

    Bowflex kettlebell
    Best fitness tech: Bowflex kettlebell

    Why buy six kettlebells when you could buy one? The clever design takes one free weight from 3.5kg to 18kg with just the turn of a switch. Perfect for those who want to sweat from home without overrunning their lounge with gym kit. 

    Shop Bowflex 840 Kettlebell, £222.79

  • Garmin vivomove Style

    Garmin vivomove Style
    Best fitness tech: Garmin vivomove Style

    A smart watch doesn’t have to cramp your style. This analogue watch face has a secret screen that will show daily stats. 

    Shop Garmin vivomove Style, £299.99

  • Tangram Smart Rope

    Tangram Smart Rope
    Best fitness tech: Tangram Smart Rope

    An LED-embedded skipping rope that displays data in mid-air and tracks jump count and time spent training, as well as guided and recommended workouts.

    Shop Tangram Smart Rope, £79.95

  • Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller

    Best fitness tech: Pulseroll

    You thought a foam roller was recovery enough? This vibrating gadget takes it to a different level, increasing circulation by 22% and improving range of movement by 14%. 

    Shop Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller, £99.99

  • MyZone Sports Bra

    MyZone sports bra in black
    Best fitness tech: MyZone sports bra

    Want the data without the irritation? This sports bra has a built-in heart rate monitor that compiles detailed data without the need for extra kit on your wrist.  

    Shop MyZone Sports Bra, £49.99

  • Larq Water Bottle

    Larq water bottle in white with grey stripe
    Best fitness tech: Larq Water Botle

    You might not think a water bottle would feature in a high-tech guide, but this Larq model changes that. With a self-cleaning and purifying system, it keeps itself and its drinks fresh. Gift to outdoor adventurers or sweaty gym-goers. 

    Shop Larq Water Bottle, £78

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