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Fitness gift guide: 14 Christmas present ideas for gym lovers

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Give the gift of fitness with this selection of activewear, gym kit, training books and fuelling food. 

We’ve done away with Halloween, rejoiced at Bonfire Night and the supermarkets have started stocking up on mince pies. It can only mean one thing: Christmas shopping season is here

If you love the act of gift-giving, it’s your time to thrive. But while we all want to give the perfect personal present, it can be hard to find something that combines your friends favourite hobbies with a cute twist (just how exactly do you get something pretty for a Marvel fanatic, exactly?). 

But fitness-related gifting shouldn’t be hard. Whether your friend or family member is into running, the gym, home HIIT, cycling or dancing, there’s something special out there to get them that they’ll use again and again. Whether it’s a practical recovery kit that they’d never think to buy for themselves, a high-quality refresh on essential workout gear or more indulgent items to support their training, you can find something here. 

Fill their stockings with these fitness-related Christmas presents. 

  • Lululemon Align Tank

    Lululemon Align tank in pale blue on a model
    Fitness gift ideas: Lululemon Align Tank

    Sports bra choice can be personal (do they like high-impact or something softer?), but you can’t go wrong with this supportive, buttery-soft number. Somewhere between a crop top and a bra with removable cups, it’s an essential gift that they can decide how to wear and style. 

    Shop Lululemon Align Tank, £45

  • Shreddy Azure Resistance Band

    Shreddy resistance band
    Fitness gift ideas: Shreddy resistance band

    Resistance bands are the perfect addition to gym bags and home workout circuits. This rubber and cotton variety is super sturdy so won’t snap and can add some hefty activation to their training. 

    Shreddy Azure Resistance Band, £14 

  • Exercised: The Science of Physical Activity, Rest and Health by Daniel Lieberman

    Exercised: The Science of Physical Activity, Rest and Health by Daniel Lieberman
    Fitness gift ideas: Exercised by Daniel Lieberman

    Give the gift of knowledge to any fitness buffs who love to learn about the nitty-gritty of their body and training. This book is the perfect read before the ‘new year new me’ talk, diving into high-level scientific research to debunk myths around exercise. 

    Shop Exercised by Daniel Lieberman, £9.99

  • Four Five CBD Muscle Rub

    Four Five CBD muscle rub
    Fitness gift ideas: Four Five CBD muscle rub

    This CBD-infused muscle rub is made with anti-inflammatories – the perfect self-care gift for anyone whose active lifestyle has seen them struggling to get down the stairs. 

    Shop Four Five CBD Muscle Rub, £30

  • Misfits Variety Box

    Misfits protein bars
    Fitness gift ideas: Misfits protein bars

    Widely acknowledged as the best vegan protein bars on the market, these are loaded with the nutrients needed to support their training while tasting like candy bars. After all, what is Christmas without a selection box? 

    Shop Misfits Variety Box, £36

  • Therabody Mini

    Therabody mini
    Fitness gift ideas: Therabody mini

    Sure, you could get them a voucher for a spa day. But this massage gun gets deep into the nooks and crannies of tight tissue and can be used time and time again. Who needs a massage anyway? 

    Shop Therabody Mini, £175

  • Nike Fleece Tracksuit

    Nike tracksuit in lilac
    Fitness gift ideas: Nike tracksuit

    Every tough trainer needs tough recovery. There’s nothing better than this vintage-style, fleece-lined tracksuit to see them through rest days, winter walks and cosy yoga sessions. 

    Shop Nike Fleece Sweatshirt, £49.95 and Nike Fleece Jogger, £44.95

  • Skipping

    Pro Box Skipping Rope
    Fitness gift ideas: Pro Box Skipping Rope

    A skipping rope elevates any workout, whether they’re an avid runner hiding from the cold or someone who’s just starting to build stamina.

    Shop Pro Box Leather Skipping Rope, £12.99

  • The Train Happy Journal by Tally Rye

    Train Happy Journal by Tally Rye
    Fitness gift ideas: Train Happy Journal by Tally Rye

    If their new year’s resolution is to feel great, this journal will help. Tally Rye’s goal is to help people build a holistic, intuitive relationship to fitness and this journal is filled with prompts for reflection. 

    Shop The Train Happy Journal by Tally Rye, £11.15

  • La Pochette Sweat Bag

    La Pochette Sweat Bag
    Fitness gift ideas: La Pochette Sweat Bag

    Make life easier and cleaner for those who run from the gym to work to drinks. This antibacterial and water-resistant kit bag for storing workout gear on the go is a sure-fire upgrade on their no-doubt smelly canvas totes.

    Shop La Pochette Sweat Bag, £35

  • Sunday Rain Himalayan Salt Massage Ball

    Sunday Rain massage ball
    Fitness gift ideas: Sunday Rain massage ball

    Make post-workout fancy with this massage ball made from Himalayan salt, encouraging stress relief and getting rid of knots. 

    Sunday Rain Himalayan Salt Massage Ball, £7

  • WAKEcup Self Cleaning Water Bottle

    WakeCup bottle with charger
    Fitness gift ideas: WakeCup bottle

    Can you think of a better present than one that begins with the words ‘self-cleaning’? We didn’t think so. The UV light in this bottle kills germs and smells at the click of a button.

    WAKEcup Self Cleaning Water Bottle, £45

  • Innermost Performance Collection

    Innermost performance collection
    Fitness gift ideas: Innermost performance collection

    Complete with pre-workout for energy, whey protein for recovery and focus supplements for staying in the zone, this is a bundle that says: go get it.  

    Shop Innermost Performance Collection, £69.96

  • Varley Chaucer Pant

    Varley Chaucer Pants
    Fitness gift ideas: Varley Chaucer Pants

    Forget boring tracksuits en route to the gym. This combo of cord and stretchy elastic makes the perfect winter cover-up. 

    Shop Varley Chaucer Pants, £102

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