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The best workout equipment to keep into your gym bag, according to a fitness writer

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From barbell pads to water bottles, having a well-equipped gym bag is essential. These are the items our fitness writer relies on to get her through any session.

Some people can leave the house with their debit card in their pocket and have all they need for the day ahead. I am not one of those people. It doesn’t matter where I’m going, I will have at least one large bag on me at all times. 

It does make me feel slightly Mary Poppins-esque, pulling out a jacket or some hand sanitiser or an extra spritz of perfume from my handbag whenever the mood may take me, but mainly it’s just because I hate to feel unprepared for whatever the day may throw at me. 

The gym is no different: I could turn up with nothing except myself and a decent pair of trainers and smash out a good session, but I like to know that I have all options available depending on what exercise may entice me when I enter the gym. 

That means having a carefully packed gym bag that is full of all of the accessories I could need for my workout. Whether that’s a leg day, upper body training, cardio or a simple stretch session, this is what I carry…

  • The gym bag

    Oysho gym bag
    Oysho gym bag

    Ok, let’s start here: what do I put it all in? I’m a tote hoarder so I used to keep all of my stuff shoved in a sturdy cotton bag. But I recently got this bag from Oysho and it’s just that little bit more sophisticated to make me feel like I’ve really got my stuff together (literally and mentally). The compartments also help to make it way more sanitary after putting away freshly wiped kit.  

    Oysho technical gym bag, £29.99

  • The best barbell pad

    Mira Fit barbell pad
    Mira Fit barbell pad

    Not everyone likes squatting with a barbell pad – I don’t. But they’re absolutely non-negotiable when it comes to doing heavy hip thrusts, saving my hip bones from becoming bruised and battered. This thick foamed one has served me well for years with minimal wear and tear, and it stays in place thanks to its sturdy velcro fastening. The PVC cover can easily be wiped down, too. 

    Mira Fit barbell pad, £11.95

  • Short loop resistance band

    These short loop resistance bands might look cute, but they are killer. Made from vegan cotton and elastane, I use them when warming up for muscle activation, when squatting and leg pressing or when doing bodyweight workouts for an extra burn. 

    B_ND store short resistance band, £14

  • The best long loop resistance bands

    This guy was my hero during home workouts in lockdown – used for deadlifts, face pulls, upright rows, kickbacks… the list goes on. Now I’m back in the gym, they’re helping me get back to working towards my pull up PB. Wish me luck. 

    Core Balance resistance band, £9.99

  • The best ankle straps

    B_ND ankle strap
    B_ND ankle strap

    My gym has ropes and bars galore for the cable machines, but no ankle straps so I used to tuck my foot in the handle to do kickbacks and lateral leg raises. Buying my own strap changed the game and made training so much more comfortable – especially these ones as they’re extra squishy and soft.

    Are these an essential? Probably not, but they’re great if you want to take isolation moves seriously. 

    B_ND store ankle strap, £14

  • The best gym water bottle

    I know some people love a sports bottle for easy hydration, but there’s just something about a Chilly’s bottle I can’t get enough of. Perhaps it’s how cold it keeps my water in the middle of training, how light it is to throw in my bag or (probably) it’s because they just look so pretty. Revolutionary, right? 

    Chilly’s bottle, from £20

  • The best gym hoodie

    My Protein hoodie
    My Protein hoodie

    I wear this to the gym and during my warm up and throw it back on for the walk home, so it only really lives in my gym bag for the hour that I train. It’s thin enough to wear while I get my heart rate up, but warm up to keep me from freezing under the gym air con, and is made from eco-friendly, organic cotton. 

    MP A/WEAR hoodie, £38

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