Running kit for cold, wet and rainy days in autumn and winter

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It’s time to put your tank tops away and stock up on this rain, wind and cold weather-friendly running kit. 

Would you class yourself as a seasonal runner? While most of us enjoy getting out in a vest top and shorts and feeling the sun on our skin, studies suggest that we’re over three times more likely to delay or put off exercising when the rain comes out. 

So when autumn hits, the ground becomes leafy, the mornings become dark, and suddenly hundreds of layers are required to protect ourselves from the harsh breeze and frequent downpours, we’re less inclined to head out for runs. 

The weather is no reason to give up on a hobby that has served you well over summer, though. All you need to do is diversify your kit. Luckily, there’s new technology that can help with that. For example, you can find adaptable materials that keep you warm now and cool come summer 2021 and trainers with expert non-slip that make road running safe in the rain. 

Here are some activewear heroes that will see you through the colder season.

  • Athleta Running Free Jacket

    Athleta Free Run jacket

    Chuck this on for a short run in wet weather or roll it up and carry it in the accompanying zip pocket to take it with you during longer runs in unpredictable British weather. You can adjust the waist to limit swishing during runs and the reflective light makes it a smart choice for low light. 

    Athleta Running Free Jacket, £148

  • The North Face Winter Warm Leggings

    North Face Winter Warm leggings
    North Face Winter Warm leggings

    Not only are these leggings made from recycled material that keeps you warm, they also come with FlashDry technology that wicks sweat away quickly. Plus, reflective details keep you visible if you’re out running on dark mornings or evenings.

    The North Face Winter Warm Leggings, £70

  • Sweaty Betty Breeze Running Top

    Sweaty Betty Breeze Top
    Sweaty Betty Breeze Top

    This light-weight fabric is temperature regulating to keep you warm without overheating. We also love the mesh panels to keep air flowing around the areas that need it most (read: armpits) and thumbholes stop any annoying riding up on the arms.   

    Sweaty Betty Breeze Running Top, £75

  • Gymshark Speed Sports Bra

    Gymshark Speed Sports Bra
    Gymshark Speed Sports Bra

    Since lockdown began, we’ve all been calling for more affordable, stylish, high-performance running gear. Gymshark have listened. The launch of their Speed collection comes at the perfect time, as this bra comes with two supportive fastenings and is high-neck to keep us warm when running in colder months. 

    Gymshark Speed Sports Bra, £30

  • Lululemon Run For It All Earwarmer

    Lululemon Run For It All earwarmer
    Lululemon Run For It All earwarmer

    There is nothing worse than a pressure headache from cold runs. You can avoid that by protecting your ears and forehead. This one from Lululemon has a hole to thread your pony tail through, as well as a reflective strip. 

    Lululemon Run For It All earwarmer, £20

  • Adidas Own The Run Windbreaker

    Adidas Own The Run jacket
    Adidas Own The Run jacket

    This water repellent jacket is what to throw on when the wind and rain hits. Reflective coating on all sides also helps you stand out in the gloomy weather. 

    Adidas Own The Run Windbreaker, £44.95

  • Nike Pro Long Sleeve Mesh Top

    Nike Pro Long Sleeve Top
    Nike Pro Long Sleeve Top

    There is nothing more you could want from this simply designed long top: all-over mesh for ventilation, a slim fit that lets you move freely and long-line coverage in the front and back. Ticks all round for this Nike number.

    Nike Pro Long Sleeve Mesh Top, £32 

  • Adidas Solgarboost trainers
    Adidas Solgarboost trainers

    The inner support on our running shoes is crucial, but in the wet weather it’s just as important to think about the outside layer and opt for optimum grip. These Adidas trainers have a great sole for stable outdoor running. 

    Adidas Solarboost 19 trainer, £129.95

  • Under Armour Heat Gear Leggings

    Under Armour Hear Gear Leggings
    Under Armour Hear Gear Leggings

    Made from Under Armour’s original performance baselayer that stays tight to dry sweat quickly and keeps your temperature controlled. The four-way stretch means these leggings move with you for an invisible feel, but that pattern is sure to get you noticed.

    Under Armour Heat Gear leggings, £50

  • Sweaty Betty Running Gloves

    Sweaty Betty running gloves
    Sweaty Betty running gloves

    For the depths of winter, or simply if your circulation is bad, gloves are a game changer. These are sweat-wicking so you don’t get sticky and feature tech pads so you can skip songs on your running playlist without the hassle of taking them off.  

    Sweaty Betty Running Gloves, £30

  • Bookman Wearable Running Light

    Bookman wearable running light

    This super practical wearable running light that can be clipped onto clothing. The rechargeable light flashes both white and red for front and back wear so you can stay visible too. 

    Bookman Wearable Running Light, £25

  • Gibson Girl Warrior Zip Through

    Gibson Girl Warrior Zip Through
    Gibson Girl Warrior Zip Through

    This extra stretchy jacket is perfect for layering over thin tops when running. Soft and breathable fabric keeps cool air flowing as you get sweaty, and the reflective logo is a great addition for low light exercise. 

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