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The best activewear sets: matching leggings and sports bra for summer 2021

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These matching leggings and sports bras are the best activewear sets to wear to the gym for summer 2021. 

Now that gyms have reopened and classes are nearly back in our lives, we’re ready to walk in and nail our sessions with confidence. While looking the part is just a small part of that puzzle, wearing something that you feel great in can give you an extra boost during your workout.  It’s one of the biggest lessons we’ve learned during the past year: getting out of poorly fitting, uncomfortable clothes and into something that feels amazing is the easiest step we can take to feeling more in control

But finding a pair of leggings that fit perfectly is hard. And a well-fitting sports bra? Even harder. That’s before you’ve even taken into consideration what they look like and whether they match. Finding a set that makes you feel a little more put together while also seeing you through gym workouts, runs or (eventually) yoga classes shouldn’t be a lot to ask. 

So we’ve scoured the market to find the best activewear sets out there for post-lockdown summer. Not only do they match with beautiful hues and patterns for the nicer weather to come, they also perform well. Whether you want leggings that stay opaque now you’re back to squatting in public or a sports bra that makes you feel secure during high-impact training, we’ve found it. In fact, we’ve found nine…

The best activewear sets for the gym, running and stretching

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