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15 stocking fillers under £50 for fitness fanatics

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These fitness gifts are evidence that good things really do come in small packages. 

Forget big gifts that take up the entire front room – unpacking a stocking is the most exciting part of Christmas Day. Yet while novelty stocking fillers are great fun for five minutes, they often become one of the many gifts that end up thrown in a drawer and forgotten about. 

In 2021 sustainable and thoughtful gifting is more important than ever, so why not give gifts your friends and family will treasure – beyond boxing day. If they still love home workouts, want to get better at yoga or are aiming to smash running goals in 2022, then these fitness-related gifts will be top of their wish list.

Here are some of the best sustainable, useful, and most importantly stocking-sized gifts that fitness lovers will use again and again.

  • Meg Cork Massage Ball

    Meg cork ball
    Fitness stocking fillers: Cork ball

    This non-toxic, naturally anti-microbial, biodegradable massage ball eases knots and aids recovery. Good for your loved one and the planet. 

    Shop Meg Cork Massage Ball, £9.95

  • Wild Natural Deodorant

    Wild deodorant
    Fitness stocking fillers: Wild

    This aluminium free product in sustainable, refillable packaging comes in gorgeous scents including Fresh Cotton and Sea Salt and Coconut Dreams. Who knew environmentally friendly antiperspirant could be so luxurious? 

    Shop Wild Natural Deodorant, £25

  • Form Superblend Protein Powder

    Form superblend
    Fitness stocking fillers: Form Superbeld protein

    Stuff your loved one’s stocking with nutrients in the form of this vegan protein powder. Combined with maca, flaxseed, greens and fruit powder, it’s the ultimate winter boost that just so happens to taste delicious – hi, chocolate salted caramel.  

    Shop Form Superblend Protein Powder, £26

  • Waffl Gym Towel

    Waffl towel
    Fitness stocking filler: Waffl towel

    Drying four times faster than cotton and taking up 50% of the space, this Waffl towel will get them out of the changing rooms and into the smoothie bar with time to spare before work.

    Shop Waffl Gym Towel £20

  • PureSport CBD Oil Tincture

    Pureport CBD
    Fitness stocking fillers: PureSport CBD

    CBD has become the go-to for muscle soreness, inflammation, improving sleep and reducing stress. PureSport’s range is the best of the best, approved by athletes and the Strong Women team for optimum recovery. 

    Shop PureSport CBD Oil Tincture, £38

  • UpCircle Hydration Skincare Bundle

    Upcircle hydration bundle
    Fitness stocking fillers: UpCircle

    This bundle includes nourishing cocoa butter moisturiser and collagen-boosting serum for skin that even winter won’t dull. It’s approved by runner’s to restore hydration and combat dryness post-cold weather workouts.

    Shop UpCircle Hydration Skincare Bundle. £34

  • Misfits Chocolate Orange Protein Bar

    Tribe Snack Bundle
    Fitness stocking fillers: Tribe Snack Bundle

    Tribe, the all plant-based snack brand, is delivering everything your fitness pals want come January: decadent chocolate snacks that also support their workouts. This multipack will keep them going for the month. 

    Shop Tribe Bites and Bombs Snacking Bundle, £45

  • Breathe Lavender Eye Pillow

    Breathe Lavender Eye Pillow
    Fitness stocking fillers: Breathe Lavender Eye Pillow

    Created using material left over from sewing hospital scrubs, these lavender eye pillows are the perfect wind-down tool to end a yoga practice with. 

    Breathe Lavender Eye Pillow, £13     

  • Brooks Knit Run Socks

    Brooks Christmas run socks
    Fitness stocking fillers: Brooks socks

    Novelty that works might sound impossible, but these festive socks will make their Christmas morning run feel better than ever thanks to the heel and toe cushioning. 

    Shop Brooks Knit Run Socks, £15

  • Oliver Bonas Yoga Cards

    Oliver Bonas yoga cards
    Fitness stocking fillers: Yoga cards

    This beautiful pack of cards will support any yogi’s practice, offering a daily challenge or a source of inspiration. 

    Shop Yoga Poses Card, £5

  • JS Health Probiotics

    JS Probiotics
    Fitness stocking fillers: JS Probiotics

    The gift of good gut health is more important than you think. These science-backed probiotics support healthy flora in your intestines for improved mood, immunity and digestion.

    Shop JS Health Probiotics, £29.99

  • This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak

    This Works
    Fitness stocking fillers: This Works muscle soak

    The key to a good workout is a good night’s sleep. Help your gym going giftee get some restorative shut-eye with this bath soak, filled with award-winning scents of lavender, vetiver and chamomile.

    Shop This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak, £11

  • Adidas Karlie Kloss Sports Bra

    Adidas Ultimate sports bra
    Fitness stocking fillers: Adidas Ultimate Bra

    Whether her go-to workout is high-intensity HIIT or low-impact yoga, the stretchy fabric, beautiful cross-back design and sweat-wicking technology means they won’t want to take this off. But, when they have to, it’s easier than ever thanks to the front zip. 

    Shop Adidas Ultimate Sports Bra, £50

  • Proper Goose Personalised Gym Training Notebook

    Proper Goose Personalised Gym Training Notebook
    Fitness stocking fillers: Proper Goose gym notebook

    If your mate is set on taking their training seriously in 2021 or has their eyes upping their weights, this personalised logbook can help them track their progress.

    Shop Proper Goose Personalised Gym Training Notebook, £14.95

  • Lululemon InvisiWear Thongs

    Lululemon thongs
    Fitness stocking fillers: Lululemon InvisiWear thongs

    Trust us, the trickiest part of activewear shopping is finding underwear that doesn’t show through leggings. Do the hard work for your gym buddy with these seamless knickers that prevent VPL.

    Shop Lululemon InvisiWear Thongs Three Pack, £42

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