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Strong Minds Summit: learn how to avoid burnout and harness the power of nature

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Introducing the Strong Women Strong Minds Summit: a virtual event taking place on 11 May 2021 that will empower you to improve your mental wellbeing by immersing yourself in the natural world and nurturing your physical self. 

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Nearly two thirds of Stylist readers have said that they’ve suffered mental health issues in the last six months. From experiencing increased mood swings and feeling emotionally exhausted to increased sadness and feeling cut-off from friends, family and colleagues, it’s clear that we need extra support more than ever.

Mental Health Awareness Week has grown to be one of the biggest awareness weeks across the UK, and this year Stylist, through our strength and wellness brand Strong Women, is getting involved once more to connect with our audience. The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week this year is Nature – something everyone has made a powerful reconnection with over the last year, and something that is vital for the nourishment of our physical and mental health.

About the event

On 11 May 2021, we will be joined by a team of expert wellness practitioners who will deliver sessions on how to reap the benefits of nature, and also how to nurture ourselves better by working with the natural rhythms of our bodies. Its promise? To leave attendees with a recharged sense of focus, a revitalised sense of motivation and a renewed sense of control.


Individual tickets £6: book here

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Strong Women’s Strong Minds Summit will be a virtual event hosted via MyStylist on Tuesday 11 May 2021, 6-8pm, and here’s what we have lined up for you…

Strong Minds Summit 2021: the line-up

  • Setting boundaries to avoid burnout with Poonam Dhuffer

    Poonam Dhuffer: Strong Minds Summit speaker
    Poonam Dhuffer, speaker, wellbeing practitioner, strategist and founder of wellness community YSM8. Photographer credit: Sandy Biring

    Date and time: 11 May 2021, 6-6.40pm

    To help you get in tune with your body so that you can detect when you are at risk of burnout – either physically, mentally or emotionally – we’ll be giving you the tools to stop burnout in its tracks and overturn it. You will start to recognise the signs of burnout and understand the importance of boundary setting; something we often struggle with for fear of missing out or being disliked. Poonam, founder of YSM8, will take you through some self-reflection and meditation exercises that will help you nurture your own body and get in rhythm with it – rather than working against it.

  • The power of resilience; time for us to be more plant with Beronda Montgomery

    Beronda Montgomery: Strong Minds Summit speaker
    Beronda Montgomery is Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Microbiology & Molecular Genetics at Michigan State University and author of Lessons from Plants

    Date and time: 11 May 2021, 6.40-7.05pm

    With so much talk about the importance of resilience, do we really understand what it is and how to get more of it? Scientist and writer Professor Beronda Montgomery believes that resilience is a superpower and that plants have the answer. Learn the lessons we can take from nature and apply to our day-to-day lives to build mental strength and resilience. 

  • The secrets to green wellbeing with Poppy Okotcha and Stylist’s Strong Women editor Meriam Ahari

    Poppy Okatcha: Strong Mind Summit speaker
    Poppy Okotcha is a trained horticulturist and ecologically-focused grower whose mission is to inspire people to engage with the natural world

    Date and time: 11 May 2021, 7.05-7.35pm

    Strong Women editor Meriam Ahari talks to Poppy Okotcha about her journey to discovering the positive power of plants. They will discuss how adopting a lifestyle where nature is intrinsically part of your routine – from immersing yourself in nature, to keeping plants, growing your own food, and eating a predominantly plant diet – positively impacts both your outlook and internal narrative.

  • Optimise your lifestyle to keep your brain fit with Kimberley Wilson

    Kimberley Wilson: Strong Minds Summit speaker
    Kimberley Wilson is a chartered psychologist, former Great British Bake Off finalist and author of How to Build a Healthy Brain

    Date and time: 11 May 2021, 7.35-8pm

    We may all be aware of what we need to do to improve our mental and physical wellness, but do we really understand how we can optimise all the advice we are given? Psychologist and author Kimberley Wilson is the queen of brain boosting hacks, and in this session she will run through her top exercises and tips to maximise brain health and productivity and how that links to the rest of your body.

Get tickets to Strong Minds Summit for only £6

Immerse yourself in both nature and nurture with us at the Strong Minds Summit on 11 May. Tickets are just £6 and include access to all four sessions. If you aren’t able to join us live or want to watch the event again, it will be available on demand until the end of May.

Corporate tickets £60

Want to mark Mental Health Awareness Week with your colleagues? Buy 15 tickets for the price of 10 with this package. We will send redemption codes for individual access.

If you have any questions about this package please email the event team.

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