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Strong Women Collective: 14 women who are taking a no-nonsense approach to health and fitness

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Meet our Strong Women Collective: experts who separate fact from fiction when it comes to strength training, medicine, psychology and nutrition.

We all want to take care of ourselves, but with so much conflicting information around health and fitness, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction – and to know what actually works. Whether it’s how often we should be doing HIIT vs strength training, the amount of reps we should be doing to get stronger, how to get rid of bloating or whether we should train in the morning or in the evening  – it seems that everything we read or watch is contradicted by an opposing argument. 

Obviously, this can be frustrating, confusing and even dangerous – a risk that you shouldn’t be taking when it comes to your physical and mental health. That’s why it’s important to us at Strong Women that everything we present to our audience is backed by credible research, official studies and hard science. 

We sought out the best certified experts in the health and fitness industry to provide their knowledge, insightful tips, useful advice and share their experiences – and formed these 14 female experts into our Strong Women Collective. 

It was important to us that we collaborate with women who share the same values and beliefs on body image and what it means to be healthy. Much like Strong Women, these inspirational women have never endorsed the pursuit of one body shape, are openly anti-diet, believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health and fitness, and promote balance, moderation and self care. They are brilliant, fun, relatable and inspiring – and we couldn’t be more proud to include them in our collective.

Meet the team who is helping to support our mission to make every woman stronger tomorrow than they are today. 

  • Laura Hoggins

    Laura Hoggins
    Laura Hoggins

    Famed for her enviable upper body strength, Laura is the author of Lift Yourself and is a fitness coach and personal trainer who teaches a mix of modified Strongman, strength and conditioning circuits across London. 

  • Adrienne Herbert

    Adrienne Herbert
    How to become a morning person: Adrienne Herbert, author of Power Hour on the importance of starting your day early

    Adrienne is a marathon runner, personal trainer, motivational speaker and host of the Power Hour podcast, which advocates dedicating 60 minutes of your day to smashing your goals. Over the last few years, her love for running has seen her complete 19 road races in different countries.

  • Emma Obayuvana

    Emma Obayuvana
    Emma Obayuvana

    A trainer at Third Space and Reset London, Emma has been with Strong Women since the very beginning – teaching classes at our studio, live workouts on our @StrongWomenUK Instagram handle and providing expert quotes for our articles

  • Alice Rose-Miller

    Alice Miller
    Strong Women Collective: Alice Miller

    Alice has also been with Strong Women from the very beginning – teaching classes at our studio, live workouts on our Instagram and providing expert quotes for our articles. She’s a strength-first PT at GymBox Bank and Reebok CrossFit Thames in Canary Wharf, and also coaches at CrossFit 1864.

  • Esmée Gummer

    Esmee Gummer
    Strong Women Collective: Esmee Gummer

    A trainer at Jab Box, Esmée mixes boxing and high intensity styles of training with her passion for the mental health benefits of movement.

  • Dr Zoe Williams

    Dr Zoe Williams
    Strong Women Collective: Dr Zoe Williams

    You’ll recognise Dr Zoe Williams for being the go-to doctor on This Morning. She is an NHS GP working with Public Health England as a clinical champion for physical activity and sport as medicine. She is also the founder of Fit4Life – an organisation that delivers workshops to children to inspire, educate and motive them to lead healthier lives. 

  • Dr Shireen

    Dr Shireen
    Strong Women Collective: Dr Shireen

    Dr Shireen is a GP who focuses on supporting patients’ mental health, as much as their physical health, for a holistic approach to wellbeing. 

  • Kimberley Wilson

    Kimberley Wilson
    Strong Women Collective: Kimberley Wilson

    Kimberley is a chartered psychologist with a focus on mental health and evidence-based nutrition. Her Instagram @foodandpsych is a one stop shop for learning about how what we eat can impact our mood. 

  • Annie Clarke

    Annie Clarke
    Strong Women Collective: Annie Clarke

    Annie is a yoga teacher who applies the principles of yoga to our modern day lifestyles. She’s an expert yogi who understands the physiological and psychological impact of the practice. 

  • Laura Thomas PhD

    Laura Thomas
    Strong Women Collective: Laura Thomas

    Laura is a non-diet dietician and author of Just Eat It, helping people become intuitive eaters and to reap the mental and physical benefits. 

  • Renee McGregor

    Renee McGregor
    Strong Women Collective: Renee McGregor

    Renee is a sports and eating disorder dietitian with over 20 years of experience in clinical and performance nutrition. She’s also the founder of En:Spire clinic, helping female athletes to have a more positive relationship with food. 

  • Poorna Bell

    Poorna Bell
    Strong Women Collective: Poorna Bell

    Author, journalist and weightlifter, Poorna found power lifting as a way to support her mental health and has since competed in the sport. She founded @SeeMyStrong on Instagram to share stories of fitness across colour, culture, age, body size and ability.

  • Tally Rye

    Tally Rye
    Strong Women Collective: Tally Rye

    A personal trainer, the founder of female empowerment collective The Girl Gains and author of Train Happy, Tally encourages intuitive movement and the mental health benefits of exercise.

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