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The best vegan protein powders to support muscle and strength on a plant-based diet

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These protein shakes make easy work of increasing your protein intake – even if you’re on a vegan diet. 

Protein powders are a controversial supplement. While some swear by drinking a shake as soon as they leave the gym, many people think of them as unnecessary, sludgy, chalky drinks. While you don’t need a protein powder to get enough of the muscle-building macronutrient from your diet, using supplements can make high-protein meals easier or more accessible for those who live a busy life. And the best bit? There are a plethora of amazing tasting supplements that have hit the market. 

First, why is protein important? “When we train, we’re essentially ripping the muscles,” explains personal trainer Caroline Bragg. “We need to repair them so they keep building. Proteins are the building blocks for that.” 

For those who train hard, experts recommend getting around 1.2-2g of protein per kilogram of body weight (eg if you are a 75kg woman then having at least 90g of protein a day will help with optimal performance and recovery). 

If you’re thinking of using a supplement to make nailing that intake easier, you probably want to know which one is worth it. We’ve tried and tested many brands, and found 12 great tasting, vegan protein powders that mix with plant milk, can be stirred into porridge or used in baking to create delicious, high-protein, muscle-repairing foods.

The best vegan protein powders

  • Kin No Whey Protein

    Kin nutrition vegan protein powder pouch
    Best vegan protein: Kin

    Kin isn’t just focused on repairing muscles but also supporting your gut health, with a fibre-rich pea and hemp base. The powder shakes and blends into a perfectly smooth drink, and are perfectly flavoured to avoid any artificial aftertaste. That means you can enjoy blueberry, vanilla, coconut and chocolate drinks while looking after your body. 

  • Huel Complete Protein

    Huel complete vegan protein powder
    Best vegan protein: Huel

    This ‘complete’ protein – meaning it contains all of the essential amino acids – is made from hemp, faba, and pea protein. It contains more than just a muscle-building boost though, with 26 essential vitamins and minerals, an unbelievably creamy texture and rich flavour that tastes good even when mixed with water, it really is everything your body wants after a tough workout. 

  • Shreddy Protein

    Shreddy protein powder on a black background.
    Best vegan protein: Shreddy

    Shreddy, known for its resistance bands and home workout kits, made the foray into supplements during lockdown – and it’s paid off. Their pea-based protein powder is one of the smoothest around, meaning it tastes perfect even just shaken with water. A single serving will hit you with 22g of protein from an entirely compostable packet (yes, including the zip-lock).  

  • Innermost Health Protein

    Innermost protein powder cut out
    Best vegan protein powder: Innermost

    This protein includes immune system boosting ingredients, such as shiitake mushrooms, acai berries and camu camu, without actually tasting like it does. In fact, it’s a rather subtle, smooth protein shake that ticks all the boxes.

  • Bulk Powders Vegan Protein Powder

    Bulk powders vegan protein cut out
    Best Vegan protein powder: Bulk Powders

    This protein is made from five different plant-based sources to make a great vegan blend that offers 23g of protein per serving. The fact that it comes in peanut butter flavour? Even more of a winner. We recommend blending to make a smoothie bowl for a decadent tasting snack that could almost be classed ice cream. 

  • Form Nutrition Performance Protein

    Form nutrition performance protein cut out
    Best vegan protein powder: Form

    This makes for a deliciously smooth shake. The chocolate peanut flavour is one of the Stylist team’s all time favourites, with a sweet but nutty flavour and no proteiny after taste. The powder is a complete protein, meaning it features all five essential amino acids, and is also boosted with probiotics and Digezyme for good gut health. 

  • Vivo Life Raw Plant Protein & BCAA

    Vivolife protein powder cut out
    Best vegan protein powder: VivoLife

    This tastes like what you might imagine a vegan powder to taste like: slightly earthier and less sweet than other brands. That’s because it packs the nutritional benefits of a plant-based diet, while still being super delicious. Ingredients include pea and hemp protein, reishi mushrooms and super foods including turmeric and maca. It’s a thick powder so mixes wonderfully into oats for a cakey texture. This is also a favourite of Stylist Strong trainer Alice Miller

  • Misfits Vegan Protein + Vitamin Blend

    Misfits protein powder cut out
    Best vegan protein powder: Misfits

    A few months ago, Misfits rebranded to make their entire protein range vegan. Why? Because it was so delicious that they didn’t see why anyone would use any other alternative. The pea protein blend also contains L-Glutamine to speed up repair and recovery. Despite the low sugar content, it’s definitely one for those with a sweet tooth. 

  • Plant Supplements CBD Protein Powder

    Plant Supplements protein powder cut out
    Best vegan protein powder: Plant Supplements

    For a shake that will support muscle and mind recovery, this vegan pea protein powder comes with added CBD. One serve comes with 8mg of cannabidiol, making it perfect for an evening snack. And we love how the sweet vanilla flavour has no artificial taste either. 

  • MyVegan Protein Blend

    My Vegan protein blend powder cut out
    Best vegan protein powder: MyVegan

    This mix of pea and fava bean proteins gives each serving 22g of complete protein. It’s a thick, smooth texture that comes in a decadent mix of flavours: from coffee and walnut to turmeric latte. But the classics here are best – the chocolate flavour can be mixed with milk for a protein-based drink that’s surprisingly reminiscent of a thick chocolate milkshake. 

  • USN 100% Plant Based Protein

    USN protein powder cut out
    Best vegan protein: USN

    USN are one of the most recognisable protein brands on the market. Famed for their whey powders, they’ve now branched out with their 100% Plant Protein, a pea, rice and hemp blend containing 23g of protein. And it upholds USN’s rep: a smooth shake with no after taste and flavours that taste exactly like what they say on the tin (hello, vanilla maple!). 

  • Welleco Nourishing Protein

    Welle-co protein powder cut out
    Best vegan protein: Welle-co

    A high-quality complete protein that includes probiotics, vitamins and fibre. Made using organic ingredients, it’s a nutritional post-workout fuel delivering 20g of protein per serve.

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