Did someone say lateral flow test? 11 painfully relatable posts that sum up the chaos of a Covid Christmas (and New Year)

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Anna Brech
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Covid-19 lateral flow positive test result

Oh, the weather outside is frightful – and so is the lack of lateral flow tests. As a pre-New Year storm takes hold across Britain, here are some of the responses from the (digital) world at large that truly capture what’s been on so many of our minds.

If you thought that the Christmas party that definitely wasn’t a Christmas party represented peak confusion this festive season – think again. Because, just days on from the Downing Street cheese and wine scandal, Britain stands on the brink of a far larger muddle. 

With the prospect of a January lockdown still looming amid soaring rates of the new Covid variant Omicron, caution is the watchword of this weekend’s New Year celebrations. Yet, as the nation rushes to check they are safe to mingle (and possibly eat some cheese of their own), the UK’s testing system is buckling under the pressure of demand

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With the countdown to Saturday’s parties underway, pharmacies are warning of a “huge” problem due to shortages of PCR and lateral flow tests. Add to this the fact that many people are still either isolating or recovering from a bout of Christmas Covid, and it’s fair to say that the past few weeks have been rocky indeed.  

In fact, just like the whole of the past 20 months, this season of goodwill has been every inch the rollercoaster – and those on Twitter and Instagram are at the front of the ride. As Christmas chaos takes hold in the UK and around the world, here are some of the internet’s best efforts at summing up the befuddlement, frustration and bubbling hysteria we all feel – in varying degrees and rotations – everyone is feeling about now. 

So dive on in, laugh, weep, do as you may: and let’s cheers amid the frenzy for better times (please, please) ahead. 

1. The #PCR Hunger Games? How dreadful 

2. Father Christmas just a little late on our requests this year

3. If there was ever a reason to rejoice, perhaps this is it?

4. The strain on pharmacies has been incredibly difficult this year

5. Bedtime routine? Take off make-up, brush teeth, attempt to book a PCR test

6. We’re unsure whether to laugh, cry or disapprovingly tell someone off for this one 

7. Bedtime stories of the future

8. Oh, how we miss the novelty of “unprecedented times” 

9. When in doubt, bed, blankets, books and… gin?

10. An echo of the worrying fact that demand for Covid testing has had a huge strain on services

11. A dose of of ‘the bright side’ in poetry form

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