10 thoughtful self-care gift ideas, to boost their emotional and physical wellbeing

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Got a loved one who’s sleep-deprived, overworked or just going through a hard time? These thoughtful gifts are sure to give them a little lift. 

There are many different kinds of meaningful gifts. A book given to you by a friend because she was so desperate to discuss it with you? Meaningful. A trip booked by your partner to a place you’d always wanted to go? Meaningful. A drawing done by your six-year-old nephew, in which you are depicted as an actual princess? Very meaningful.

But a present can also be poignant and memorable when it says: “I know you very well, and because of that, I was able to find something that will actually improve your quality of life.” Perhaps you know your sibling hasn’t been sleeping well since the birth of their first child, or you’re aware your best friend isn’t looking forward to Christmas after a tough year. Maybe you’ve noticed your dad has started exercising again, and you want to get something to encourage him to keep it up.

Gifts like this don’t just reveal you’ve been paying attention to your loved ones’ lives – they also show that you want to make their lives better. 

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Crucially, there’s no one gift that’s guaranteed to improve the wellbeing of everyone on the planet. People have different needs and interests, and a great gift idea for a new mum might not be quite right for someone who’s feeling overwhelmed by their job. But that doesn’t mean your task is impossible.

Below, we’ve organised present suggestions into five different wellbeing categories - so whether your giftee deserves a decent night’s sleep, struggles to switch off from work or just needs a chance to relax, you’ll be able to find something that suits. Thank us later. 

Gift ideas for better sleep

  • Rise & Fall Crisp & Cool Luxury Duvet Set

    Bed linen might seem like an odd gift, but think about it: who wouldn’t love some beautiful crisp new sheets? No one, that’s who – and they’ll go down especially well with people who haven’t been sleeping well.

    This 400 thread count luxury duvet set (it comes with a duvet cover, fitted sheet and two pillow cases) is woven from organic, ethically sourced cotton, and – as the name suggests – is specially designed to feel crisp and cool. What a treat.

    Shop Crisp & Cool luxury duvet set at Rise & Fall, from £95

  • Casper Glow Light

    The Casper Glow is a portable, wireless light designed to aid sleep. It looks adorable, and feels genuinely thrilling to use: simply flip it over, and it starts emitting a soft, golden light not dissimilar to the glow given off by candles or a crackling fire.

    Turn it anticlockwise, and it gently dims; rotate it clockwise, and it gets brighter (seriously, the lack of cords or switches is incredible). You can also set it to gently wake you up in the morning. A great gift for anyone who needs lulling to sleep, but also for people who just love cool stuff.

    Shop Glow Light at Casper, from £109

Gift ideas for fitness fanatics

  • Kreafunk aHead Bluetooth Headphones

    A super-sleek pair of Bluetooth headphones would make a great gift for anyone, but they’ll be especially appreciated by people who like to punctuate the Christmas lull with frequent jogs and gym trips. Danish lifestyle brand Kreafunk make beautifully minimalist music tech, and these over-ear headphones are particularly covetable: we reckon the white version is the safest bet.

    Shop Kreafunk aHead Bluetooth headphones at Conran Shop, £95

  • Soakin Epsom Bath Salts

    Good, old-fashioned Epsom salts are still recommended by professional masseuses as a remedy for aching, overworked muscles – but they often come in packaging that doesn’t exactly scream ‘chic’. Soakin’s classic Epsom salts are the coolest we’ve found.

    Shop Soakin Epsom Bath Salts at Planet Organic, £3.99

Gift ideas for relaxation 

Gift ideas for someone having a hard time

  • Bloomon Flower Subscription

    Christmas can be tough for all kinds of reasons. A flower delivery subscription is a beautiful gift for someone who’s having a hard time: not only will the flowers brighten their home, they’ll be a regular reminder of how much you love them. Bloomon sends seasonal flowers direct from the grower, at a schedule you can tailor yourself – we love.

    Shop flower delivery subscription at Bloomon, from £23.95 per bouquet

  • Present & Correct 2020 Diaries

    There are few things more cheering than really good stationery, and if you get someone a delightful diary, they’ll think of you every day. Featuring gold or silver edges and either a cute hedgehog or soaring dove icon on the front, Present & Correct’s pocket diaries will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Gift ideas for people who struggle to switch off

  • Stitch & Story Socks Knitting Kit

    Know someone who’s constantly firing off professional emails from their phone, and who takes their laptop everywhere in case of a work emergency? Get them something screen-less and soothing that requires their full attention. This socks knitting kit is pleasingly easy, but it’ll take them out of work mode for long enough for their heart rate to go back to normal.

    Shop socks knitting kit at Stitch & Story, from £36 

  • Stack Magazine Subscription

    Getting stuck into a great book or magazine is a wonderful way to cut back on screen time. With a Stack subscription, they’ll get a different independent magazine delivered to their door every month: recent deliveries have included Stylist favourite Gal-dem, Parisian fashion magazine The Skirt Chronicles and global wine publication Above Sea Level. Mind-broadening stuff.

    Shop Stack magazine subscription, £7 a month 

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