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Best gyms and exercise classes in London for cardio and strength workouts

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London is spoilt for choice when it comes to exercise studios. Whether you’re into HIIT, weights or yoga, here are some of the best to try. 

If you’ve been on a mission to get fit, you’ve probably been hitting the gym, running or doing home workouts. But if your motivation is dwindling, you probably need something with a bit more gung ho. That’s when exercise classes can be useful – bringing the spirit back to your training. 

Whether you’re a cardio lover or prefer to lift weights, want to jump back on a bike or try a community-style workout, there’s somewhere a class that will make you want to move. Here’s some of the Strong Women team’s favourite. 

The best strength classes in London

  • L1NK at UN1T

    Chloe Gray doing a Russian twist at un1t classes with a dumbbell in her hands
    Best fitness classes: UN1T

    A mixture of compound lifts and isolation exercises leaves no muscle unturned. Expect high energy and a lot of DOMS. 

    Where: UN1T studios in London Bridge and Holborn

  • Calisthenics at BLOK

    Being back in the studio doesn’t mean you should stop bodyweight training. Learn how to control your body while building strength in this gymnastics style class that’s suitable for all levels. 

    Where? Blok studios in Clapton and Shoreditch. 

  • Lift at Third Space

    A woman with dumbbells on her shoulder during a fitness class
    Best fitness classes: Third Space

    With a focus on heavy kettlebells and dumbbells in an eight-12 rep range, this class will improve lifting technique while building full body strength.

    Where? Third Space studios in Islington, Tower Bridge, Soho, City, Canary Wharf, Marylebone. 

The best HIIT classes in London

  • Docklands at F45

    Chloe and Miranda at F45
    Best fitness classes: F45

    F45 is well-known as one of the most challenging circuits in the city, and Docklands is their hardest class yet. Think explosive exercises with short rest breaks for 45 minutes of almost much non-stop movement.

    Where? F45 studios throughout London.  

  • Re.HIIT at Rumble Gym

    This full body workout encompasses mobility, resistance and cardio in heart rate rising circuits that vary the focused muscle. 

    Where? Rumble Gym in Dalston. 

  • Circuit at CoreCollective

    A core collective trainer doing an ab crunch on the floor in a dark studio
    Best fitness classes: Core Collective

    Switch between weighted movements, plyometric exercises and fast-paced cardio drills, designed to improve your fitness and endurance. 

    Where? Core Collective studios in Kensington, Knightsbridge and St John’s Wood. 


    Rowbots City venue with rowing machines and blue lights.
    Best fitness classes: Rowbots

    This unique class takes you between the rower and the mat for a low impact but high intensity training session that’s designed for your mind as much as your body. 

    Where? ROWBOTS studios in City and Fitzrovia. 

  • TraX at Fitness First

    45 minutes of high-intensity cardio made up of freestyle exercises on the floor, assault bikes and Ski Erg machines – now set to playlists by the Ministry of Sound for the ultimate motivation boost.

    Where? Fitness First classes across the country.

The best spinning classes in London

  • Rhythm at Digme

    Surround yourself with amazing music and high-energy with a class focused on fun, rather than competition. Even cardio haters will get an endorphin boost.

    Where? Digme studios in Bank, Blackfriars, Covent Garden, Ealing, Fitzrovia, Moorgate and Richmond. 

  • Ride 45 at Psycle

    An instructor cheering on the class at a psycle studio.
    Best fitness classes: Psycle

    With a leaderboard to encourage performance, these high-intensity, well-choreographed classes are great for those who need some competition in their training. 

    Where? Psycle studios in Fitzrovia, Shoreditch, Clapham and Westbourne. 

  • 1Rebel

    1Rebel may not call their cycle classes spinning, but they couldn’t not be part of this line up. With nightclub-style lighting and loud playlists, it’s like being at an immersive performance while you sweat. 

    Where? Ride studios at St Mary Axe, South Bank, Bayswater and Victoria. 

The best boxing classes in London

  • Upper body at Kobox

    Each class includes a signature six punch combination followed by a functional training session for a full-body sweat – the upper/core days will finish off your arms after throwing punches. 

    Where? Kobox studios in Chelsea, City and Marylebone. 

  • Boxing at Sweat by BXR

    The BXR studio with boxes and punch bags for boxing classes
    Best fitness classes: Sweat by BXR

    Boxing club BXR have opened bag studios that combine traditional boxing elements with conditioning training. Perfect for those who aren’t ready for the ring and more experienced boxers who want to improve speed and stamina.

    Where? Sweat by BXR studios in Marylebone and Canary Wharf.

The best pilates and barre classes in London

  • Hot pilates at John Reed

    hot yoga at john reed
    Best fitness classes: John Reed

    Yes, you read that right. If you thought hot yoga was tough, then try this strengthening workout in sauna-like temperatures to help loosen the muscles while you work them. 

  • 70s barre at Frame

    A woman doing a curtsy lunge holding a disco ball
    Best fitness classes: 70s barre at Frame

    Barre’s low impact, high burn movements set to a 70’s soundtrack for an intense workout you can’t help but dance to. 

    Where? Frame studios in King’s Cross.

  • Reformer pilates at Heartcore

    Chloe and Meeka on a reformer pilates class, doing a straddle pose and holding weights in their arms
    The best fitness classes: reformer pilates

    Reformer pilates improves strength, stability and flexibility using one machine. Heartcore combines that with seriously beautiful studios and core conditioning for a full body and mind workout.

    Where? Heartcore studios in Bayswater, Chelsea, Fulham, Hampstead,Kensington, Notting Hill, St John’s Wood and Soho. 

  • Pilates for Back Care at Triyoga

    A woman bending down in a stretch with an instructor standing over her.
    Best fitness classes: Triyoga pilates

    After the year we’ve had, a pilates class focusing on improving the mobility and strength of your spine sounds like the perfect thing to book.

    Where? Triyoga studios in Camden, Chelsea, Ealing, Shoreditch and Soho.

The best CrossFit classes in London

  • Metcon at WIT

    A team of people doing crossfit with one woman doing a boxjump
    Best fitness classes: WIT

    These functional classes take a daily skill or strength move – such as a Turkish get up or power cleans – followed by a WOD (Workout of the Day) that’s designed to improve all elements of fitness. 

    Where? WIT Training in St Paul’s. 

  • Crossfit at CFLDN

    A group of people cheering at the camera after a crossfit workout
    Best fitness classes: Crossfit London

    London’s orginal CrossFit studio is the place to head if you want a community atmosphere with your functional (and tough) workout. 

    Where? CrossFit London in Bethnal Green. 

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