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Bodyweight no 7: Prepare for pain-free jogging with squats and holds

Posted by Mia Wilkinson for Strong Women Training Club

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The key to good running and jogging is strengthening key stabilising muscles. It’s not enough to build powerful quads – you also need switched on glutes, a strong core and calves capable of absorbing shock if you want to avoid chronic knee trouble. This bodyweight workout will strengthen and activate every key muscle group before getting you to practice your jogging form in the Sprint.

Relay: Glute bridge

The glute bridge is all about switching on the glutes and getting those muscles used to firing properly. 

How to glute bridge

  1. Lie on your back, feet apart, knees bent
  2. Keeping your feet and upper body flat on the floor, engage the glutes to lift your butt and lower back off the mat
  3. As you reach the top, squeeze those glute muscles
  4. Slowly, start to lower back down – vertibrae by vertibrae
  5. Go again.