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Team Stylist share their favourite running tracks to keep you motivated

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The music you’re listening to can make or break your run. So we asked Team Stylist to share their favourite running songs to keep you motivated. 

If there’s one thing that almost everyone struggles with when it comes to running and exercise in general it’s motivation. Some days, you can’t wait to put your trainers on and get out of the house, but on others, the next episode of the Netflix show you’re currently binge-watching is just too tempting.

The solution? An absolutely banging playlist, of course. Putting your earphones in and tuning the world out is the best way to get yourself through a long run or a heavy lifting session when you’re not in the mood. But it’s easy to get stuck listening to the same old songs that will eventually become boring.

To help, we asked the team at Stylist to share their favourite running songs. From the fast-paced to the emotional to the totally tragic, here are the tracks you need to add to your running playlists…

Don’t Stop The Party by Pitbull

In my household we have an unhealthy obsession with the great Mr 305, Pitbull. At any one time during a long run (or sometimes just in the kitchen), one of us is mouthing Don’t Stop The Party. It’s quite tragic, but all of the best running tracks are tragic!”

Miranda Larbi, Strong Women editor

Get Into It (Yuh) by Doja Cat

“If you took a look at my gym playlist right now, it would pretty much read as Doja Cat’s entire discography with the odd cheesy disco hit thrown in. But Get Into It (Yuh) takes the crown as my ultimate motivation song whether I’m pressing, squatting or pulling. Maybe it’s her infectious energy, maybe it’s the satisfying grunts; regardless, you’ll find it on repeat in my ears during every single session.”

Amy Beecham, digital writer

Rain On Me by Lady Gaga ft. Ariana Grande

“I have a rainy day bad mood buster motivation playlist on Spotify and it’s full of terrible terrible pop I would normally never admit to, but some of the songs I’m willing to own up to that 100% work are Wavey by CLiQ, Rain On Me by Lady Gaga and Ariana, and Christina Milian’s Dip it Low – if I ever need to run they supercharge me.”

Katy Harrington, freelance editor and writer

The Best by Tina Turner

“My favourite running song is also my fave karaoke song – and that’s Tina Turner’s The Best. It’s actually quite slow to begin with but good for the motivation.”

Ellie Edwards, freelance social media editor

Both Of Us by Jayda G

“I basically use running as a chance to endlessly daydream about summer holidays, festivals, weekends out and other scenarios that feel unimaginably exciting when running in the rain on a Tuesday night. For this purpose, I mainly run to euphoria-inspiring dance music and Both Of Us by Jayda G always pulls me out of a mid-run pain hole. Although, I have to give an honourable mention to Conceited (There’s Something About Remy) by Remy Ma – with the lyric: “Who’s that looking in my window? Nobody ’cause I live in a penthouse.” It’s the ultimate hot girl run track.”

Alice Porter, freelance writer

Hail Holy Queen (Sister Act)

“Bizarre but true: when I was marathon training, Hail Holy Queen from Sister Act was my power song for when I had lost all interest and still had miles to go. The falsetto. The cheer. The NUNS. I also did a lot of inspirational self-talk/weeping to Firework by Katy Perry, whose oeuvre was basically made for long-distance running with commemorative T-shirts.”

Kat Brown, news editor

Go Off by M.I.A.

“Most of M.I.A.’s songs make for perfect cardio songs; they’re fun, energetic and you can easily get distracted by them. For someone who hates running, even I can admire the high that comes from turning up Go Off’s chorus while crawling to the end of a workout.”

Morgan Cormack, entertainment writer

Dance For The Hell Of It by LOVA

“I don’t listen to music every time I run, but when I’m in need of a pick-me-up, Dance For The Hell Of It is the first song I turn to. Its fast-paced beat and the uplifting tune are guaranteed to get me through when I’m feeling tired.”

Lauren Geall, digital writer

Lite Spots by Kaytranada

“I pretty much love anything by Kaytranada as his music truly gets me going whether I’m relaxing at home or going for a workout, and Lite Spots is a great track when it’s time to push through and get to the next level.”

Leah Sinclair, senior digital writer

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