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Boxing workout: 10-minute boxing circuit to do at home

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Put ‘em up and knock it out with this short beginner boxing workout compiled by boxer Miranda Fox

Finding a workout you truly love (and know you’ll actually stick to) is about so much more than just what gives you a good sweat. That’s probably why we’ve seen so many exciting exercise trends during lockdown, from barre to skipping.

“Exercise should be about feeling strong and empowered,” explains Miranda Fox, boxer, personal trainer and founder of The Bitch Clinic. For her, boxing has become that confidence builder.

“As well as being one of the best ways to build up cardiovascular endurance and strength through your entire body, the conditioning will improve your reaction time, agility and coordination. There isn’t a muscle on your body that doesn’t get worked when you box the right way – whether that’s shadow boxing, pad work or on the bag,” she says. “You also come away feeling like a badass.”

With energetic power-jabs, crushing supersets and sparring routines, boxing is as much an emotional workout as it is a physical one. If you want to take up boxing (but have no idea what uppercut, jab and cross mean), then we’ve got the perfect beginners routine for you.

Miranda Fox - boxing
Miranda Fox - boxing

The 10-minute beginner boxing workout

3 min Warm up: Mobility/dynamic stretches/activation

  1. 60 seconds squat sit to hamstring stretch to open up the hips and activate your posterior chain (key to avoiding injury in boxing)
  2. 60 seconds glute bridges to switch on your glutes 
  3. 60 seconds jump rope
  4. 30 seconds non-stop rolling from side to side (sink down into your legs to fire up your lower body)
  5. 30 seconds high knees and fast punches 

The workout: 

This is a two-round shadow boxing workout with boxing-specific conditioning. “The conditioning is designed to get you thinking about the fundamentals of boxing, and the different skills needed when in the ring,” explains Fox.

How to find your boxing stance: 

Keep feet shoulder-width apart, step back with your dominant foot, bring your dominant hand up to your cheekbone (this is your backhand). Bring your other hand up in front of your face, this is your front hand. “Boom, that’s your stance,” she says.


There are two simple combinations to learn – we’ll do each combination for 60 seconds. Followed by two conditioning exercises.

The breakdown:

60 seconds: combo 1

60 seconds: combo 2

60 seconds: agility sprints

60 seconds: squat switches

Active recovery:

Jog on the spot for 30-60 seconds before going again for round 2

Combination one: 1,2

In your boxing stance, throw your jab from your front hand (1). You want to aim to hit your opponent’s chin so keep that in mind when deciding where you throw that punch. Extend that front hand out fully in front of you and bring that hand right back to your face 

Next you throw your cross, this comes from your backhand (2). Extend your backhand out in front of you, pivot on your back foot and rotate at the hips to get a full extension and a nice bit of power.

Things to remember: speed and distance = power, so let that shot out fast and extend that arm out all the way to get a knock-out shot 

Put those shots together for our first combo: 1,2 

Combo two: 1, 2, hook

So this time we are adding a front hook on the back of that 1, 2. When your throw a hook you’re aiming to hit your opponent on the side of their head so keep that in mind when your throw your shot. As you bring your front hand up you’re going to pivot on your front foot to allow more power to travel through your punch.

Things to remember: Thumb to the sky, elbow in line with your wrist, glutes engaged.

Put it together: throw your 1 2, add your front hook. Boom. There’s your combination. 

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