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Strength training for yogis no. 7: lunge forward and sideways for stronger warrior I, II and III

Posted by Adrienne Everett for Strong Women Training Club

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A lot of yoga, when you think about it, is lunging. Half moon pose, triangle, the warrior series… it’s all lunging or moving in a lunge-like pattern. It makes sense then, that if you want to get ‘better’ at yoga asanas, you need to nail your lunge strength.

Yogi Adrienne takes us through lateral lunges and forward lunge with rotation in the bodyweight circuit, before a core conditioning due of scissors and hollow holds. After all, it’s no good being able to get into warrior II if you don’t have the core strength to stay there, is it?

Core conditioning: hollow hold

  1. Lying on your back, lift the shoulder blades and legs off the floor with your arms by your sides. 
  2. Squeeze your abdominal muscles so that your lower spine is still imprinted onto the floor – there shouldn’t be an arch through your back. The lower your feet are to the floor, the harder it is. 
  3. You can also lift your arms up overhead for an extra challenge. 
  4. If that’s too difficult, bend the knees so that your legs are in a table top position.