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Strength training No. 61: Nail side planks once and for all

Posted by Dottie Fildes for Strong Women Training Club

Why are side planks so difficult? It doesn’t matter how fit you are, balancing on one hand and foot is never easy. That’s why PT Dottie is going to show us exactly how to nail side planks once and for all. Once you’ve mastered them, you’ll be ready for some more single side action in our strength circuit, which kicks off with a single leg deadlift into row. The EMOM finisher is all floor-based today, but don’t kid yourself into thinking that means it’ll be easier….


Like burpees and walking up a flight of stairs, side planks never seem to get any easier. Maybe that’s because we rarely balance our whole body weight on one arm and foot. Whatever the reason, here’s how to nail the move.

How to do a side plank

  1. Lie on your right-hand side, with your knees bent. 
  2. Slowly, lift yourself so that you are now leaning on your right forearm, with a right angle between your upper arm and hand. 
  3. Now extend your legs. Either stack the feet on top of each other or, if that’s a little tricky, place your top foot slightly behind the bottom. 
  4. Lift your hips up so that your body forms a straight line between your head and feet.
  5. Raise your left arm in the air. 
  6. Hold for 30 seconds then slowly lower your hips down and change to the other side.