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Strength training No. 58: Try this upper/lower body split to build strength all over

Posted by Dottie Fildes for Strong Women Training Club

If you really want to build muscle without adding weights, try adding explosive variations of common strength moves. Jump lunges are tough – you’ll quickly feel your quads getting tired. In this workout’s Perfect Form, trainer Dottie will help you to maintain good posture even if your legs are starting to burn. The strength circuit is a lower-upper body split between glute bridges, bicep curls, split squats, floor presses and side plank rotations. Our finisher today is an EMOM squat press and dumbbell deadlift.


Jump lunges are a great way to build endurance – both cardiovascularly and muscular. 

How to do a jump lunge:

  1. Take a step back with your right leg so that you’re in a split stance. 
  2. Bend your knees to take your right knee to the floor.
  3. Straighten the legs to come back up, jumping into the air as you do so.
  4. Land with the opposite leg in front and drop into that lunge position again.
  5. Use your arms to propel you up.