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Strength training for yogis no. 4: open up tight hips with 3-legged dog hip circles

Posted by Emma Obayuvana for Strong Women Training Club

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Today’s flow warm up is a targeted activation of the hips, core and shoulder girdle – three areas that we heavily rely on during yoga. PT Emma then takes us through a circuit of forward lunges, cossacks and sumo squats, so you’ll leave your mat feeling super-limber even if you’re going back to an afternoon at your desk. Hit those deep abdominals with hollow holds and scissors.

Core conditioning: double leg stretch and crunch/Russian twist

How to do double leg stretch and crunch

  1. Lie on your back, with arms and legs stretched out.
  2. Slowly benc your knees to bring your legs into table top and at the same time, bring your arms to meet your shins.
  3. Engage your abs as your hands and shins meet, and then brace to stretch back out.
  4. Be sure to keep the lower back on the floor as you move.