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These gin-making kits will have you serving up the best beverages this Christmas

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Whether you’re wowing guests at home or enjoying a festive tipple among friends, making your own gin with these gin-making kits might be the perfect hobby to get into this season.

As we’re now officially in November, many of us are starting to think about the festive season and what this year will hold. Whether you’re planning to hop from one Christmas event to another or host your own festive soiree, we can all agree that there is nothing like enjoying a little tipple during the holidays – and this year, you may want to do it with a twist.

Using DIY kits to make your own spirits can turn into a great hobby that can be enjoyable for you and the people around you. From making your own gins to create a simple gin and tonic or showcasing your mixologist skills with a martini, you can take your gin-based cocktail-making skills to the next level by creating your own artisan gins in any flavour, colour or style.

All you need to create your own gin is boiling water and a white base spirit that you’ll spice up with a botanical mix, such as juniper berries, and leave to infuse in a cool, dark place. This selection of simple yet effective gin-making kits will turn you into a gin-making pro in no time (and friends and family are sure to appreciate it!).

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  • Oliver Bonas make your own pink gin carafe

    Oliver Bonas pink gin carafe bottle
    DIY Gin-making kits 2021: Oliver Bonas make your own pink gin carafe

    Pink gin lovers unite! This Oliver Bonas kit contains all the flavours you need to make your own gin from juniper and coriander to wild pepper and hibiscus flowers.

    All you need to do is pour 60cl of vodka into the glass gin carafe and leave to infuse for at least 24 hours. After infusing, you’ll have a bold pink gin you can use in cocktails or gin and tonics that is sure to be a hit among dinner guests.

    Shop make your own pink gin carafe, £22

  • The Juniper Lab gin lover's box

    gin making kits The Juniper Lab Gin lover's box
    DIY Gin-making kits 2021: The Juniper Lab Gin lover's box

    Make your own gin in a chic and eco-friendly way with this kit from The Juniper Lab. The box includes a 250ml bottle of fever tree tonic, a craft gin making kit, reusable straws and a little book of gin so you can perfect your recipes over these long winter months. With a variety of botanical blends, you’re sure to craft the perfect gin that works for you.

    Shop The Juniper Lab Gin lover’s box at The Crafting Cartel, £28

  • Kitchen Provisions make your own gin kit

    gin making kit bottle
    DIY Gin-making kits 2021: Kitchen Provisions make your own gin kit

    This gin-making kit is perfect for beginners who are looking to discover which botanicals work for them to create the perfect blend.

    Complete with ingredients and instructions to transform a bottle of vodka into your own blend of compound gin, this kit will make three 700ml bottles of homemade gin, one classic, one spicy and one floral in just 24 hours.

    Shop Kitchen Provisions make your own gin kit at Not On The High Street, £29.50

  • Sandy Leaf Farm gin making kit

    Sandy Leaf Farm gin making kit
    DIY Gin-making kits 2021: Sandy Leaf Farm gin making kit

    For a trusted brand to turn to, Sandy Leaf Farm is definitely the one. This gin kit allows you to make up to 10 premium bottles per pack and has everything you need to develop your gin-making skills, including juniper berries, botanicals, a funnel, a metal strainer, kraft paper, bottle tags, and testing pipettes.

    All you need to add is 700ml of vodka per batch and you’re good to go!

    Shop Sandy Leaf Farm gin making kit at Amazon, £24.99

  • Vemacity ultimate colour changing gin making kit

    colour gin glass kit oranges table
    DIY Gin-making kits 2021: Vemacity ultimate colour changing gin making kit

    Take your gin-making to the next level and enjoy the changing colours with Vemacity’s gin kit and watch your guests be fascinated by the pretty and tasty beverages you serve up.

    Each kit contains everything needed to make multiple large bottles of colour-changing gin, including botanical ingredients, a recipe book, expert tools and a stunning serving bottle with customisable labels. 

    Shop Vemacity ultimate colour changing gin making kit, £18.99

  • Colwith Farm Distillery gin making kit

    basket gin bottles drinks
    DIY Gin-making kits 2021: Colwith Farm Distillery gin making kit

    This gin kit from Colwith Farm Distillery should definitely be at the top of your list. Complete with seven botanicals to make an incredible gin on its own, you can also pair it with additional botanicals that you choose to forage in the future.

    If you decide to go big with their luxury hamper, you’ll also get to enjoy a 70cl bottle of gin kit base spirit; 2 x premium tonic waters; a step by step gin-making guide and a premium cocktail making kit.

    Shop Colwith Farm Distillery gin making kit, from £59

  • The Gin Company's gin making kit - the festive collection

    gin making kit diy bottle
    DIY Gin-making kits 2021: The Gin Company's gin making kit - the festive collection

    This gin making kit for the festive season pulls together three of The Gin Company’s best-loved flavours and the unique festive flavour containing orange peel, cloves, all spice, star anise and cinnamon to create the ultimate spirit for the season.

    Each kit also contains enough to make 4 x 500ml bottles of gin, which is sure to be enjoyed all Christmas long.

    Shop The Gin Company’s gin making kit - the festive collection, £39.99

  • Next six-piece barcraft gin making set

    gin making kit glasses bottle spices
    Next spiece barcraft gin making set

    This fab little gin kit includes all the equipment you need to start infusing your own gin, including a mixing bottle; funny; sieve; a botanicals mix and two G&T glasses. 

    Shop six-piece barcraft gin making set, £20

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