What to cook in summer: 6 of the best food and drink pairings, according to Hello Fresh
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What to cook in summer: 6 of the best food and drink pairings, according to Hello Fresh

Stuck for what to serve guests this summer? Take your cues from Hello Fresh and try one of these perfect pairings. 

In summer, while the temptation is to survive on a diet of ice lollies, refreshingly infused water and ‘picky bits’, it’s actually a season where our palettes should be most adventurous.

With the change in weather lending itself to al-fresco dining, be it in a garden, park or balcony, there are plenty of easy ways to elevate everything from a light lunch to a barbecue or picnic. The key? The right food and drink pairings.

No longer will we simply select a bottle of wine based on its label (or, let’s face it, affordability) or stick any old soft drink in the fridge. Here’s exactly what to pair your favourite sunny dishes with, according to Hello Fresh.

For a levelled- up barbecue, try burgers and beers with a twist

Seriously impress your guests with a chimichurri cheeseburger, chorizo jam, cheesy chips and smoky corn on the cob, all washed down with Indian pale ale (IPA).

“Ensure IPA is a bitter version, ideally a West Coast IPA style, and not a fruity, soft, hazy pale ale,” Hello Fresh’s experts explain. “For this dish, the beer needs to have some heft to cut through the dense texture of the meat, and because a West Coast IPA has the dryness of palate, cutting action of the hops with their tannins and acidity, and carbonation to refresh the mouth it is the perfect match. Non-alcohol IPAs are available.”

What to eat in summer 2022

Chicken and cider: the ultimate hot weather pairing?

For an easy evening meal, why not try pairing a crispy chicken and halloumi burger, garnished with hot honey, sesame wedges and lime mayo slaw with medium-dry carbonated cider made from cider apples (as opposed to eating apples)

“This meal needs tannins and acidity to cut through texture, and balance the richness of the food, plus carbonation to refresh the palate,” shares Hello Fresh. “Make sure cider is made from fresh apple juice not from juice concentrate which rarely has the necessary tannins or acidity. Ciders made from concentrate are mostly water with a large amount of added sugar for sweetening and do not make a successful food pairing.” It works just as well with non-alcoholic cider, too.

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Compliment a salad with warming mead

Summertime truly is salad season, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Combine a classic Greek style lemon and herb chicken salad with the much more unusual gently sparkling tarragon, basil and hop mead.

According to Hello Fresh: “Mead is made from fermented honey, but this drink is dry, not sweet. The flavours of this dish are not assertive so the drink should not overpower them hence choosing this mead as the match. The herbaceous nature of the mead is a compliment to the food.” Sounds good to us.

What to eat in summer 2022

Dial up the zing with an elderflower spritzer

For something a bit fresher on the palette, Hello Fresh recommends serving a zingy roasted asparagus and broad bean salad with cucumber and cooling elderflower spritzer.

“This is a simple concoction of white wine, elderflower cordial, and soda water. Garnish with a sprig of mint which will also enhance the broad beans. Ideally use Riesling wine for its floral nature that compliments the Elderflower. This spritzer can also be made with non-alcoholic white wine.”

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Wine + watermelon = a match made in heaven

If there’s any dish that is sure to transport you to the white-walled coastline of a Greek island, it’s a simple feta, watermelon and rocket salad. For ultimate Santorini vibes, pair with a soft sauvignon blanc white wine.

“The reason for this choice is that feta with its crumbly, salty, richness needs an acidic wine with medium body as a balance. Sauvignon blanc’s have a vibrant green herbal quality so this complements the rocket.” The more you know.

What to eat in summer 2022

Don’t forget dessert

For your final course, try a classically British Eton mess with a rosé sparkling wine.

“Rosé sparkling wine and Eton mess is a heavenly match for a number of reasons and not just because they both taste so good! The wine’s carbonation is refreshing and it also cuts through the texture of the food, with the wine’s acidity balancing the richness of the cream and meringue. Rosé has a delicate red berry flavour so this enhances the fruity nature of the dessert.”

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