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6 delicious cocktails to batch-make at home and take to the park

It’s getting hot out there. So shake up your park drink of choice for something a little more refreshing than a diluted can of vodka and cranberry juice. Try making these cocktails you can make in bulk and bring along to your next picnic.

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When the weather’s hot, the last place you want to go for an after-work drink is a sweaty pub with no air-con. Drinking outdoors doesn’t mean your beverage options have to be limited to tinnies and whatever beers your corner shop has in stock though. In fact, there’s a lot of cocktails you can make at home that will travel well and can be made in advance without affecting their quality.

“Pre-batching can save a ton of time when you are having a picnic or drinking outdoors and this extra bit of prep will enable you to maximise time spent basking in the sunshine and socialising with friends,” explains Joe McCanta, global head of education and mixology at Bacardi. 

Here are six cocktails you can batch-make and take to the park, according to Joe, as well as his tips on making cocktails in large quantities in advance. Each of the recipes makes one drink, so you can easily duplicate the ingredients to accommodate the size of your group.

  • Gin & Tonic Spritz

    batch-make bombay gin cocktail
    Bombay gin cocktails for big groups

    Joe describes this cocktail as “a crisp update on the classic G&T” and the fruity additions to this cocktail really do make it the ideal summer drink.

    Ingredients per-serving (multiply by your group size):

    • 30ml Bombay Sapphire
    • 15ml Martini Bitter
    • 15ml Lemon juice
    • 15ml Lemon honey syrup
    • Premium tonic water
    • ½ orange wheel


    1. Add gin, martini bitter, lemon juice and honey syrup into shaker and shake
    2. Strain into spritz glass
    3. Fully fill the glass with cubed ice and top with premium tonic water
    4. Garnish with ½ orange wheel
  • St-Germain Spritz

    St Germain spritz cocktail
    St Germain spritz cocktails for the park

    “The St-Germain Spritz is simple, elegant and quintessentially French when made with Champagne,” Joe says, adding that it’s a great way to unwind after a long week, perfect for a Friday evening in the park.

    Ingredients per-serving (multiply by your group size): 

    • 40ml St-Germain
    • 60ml Champagne or Prosecco
    • 60ml Sparkling water
    • Lemon twist


    1. Mix in a glass tumbler over ice
    2. Stir gently and garnish with lemon twist
  • Grey Goose Le Grand Fizz A La Russe

    grey goose cocktail summer
    Batch-make Grey Goose summer cocktails

    Joe describes this cocktail as a “summer update to a vodka and tonic” - it’s bittersweet and full of zesty citrus flavours, the perfect drink to make to impress guests at a garden party or BBQ. 

    Ingredients per-serving (multiply by your group size):

    • 30ml Grey Goose Vodka
    • 15ml Peach liqueur
    • 15ml Fresh grapefruit juice
    • 60ml Premium tonic water
    • Thyme
    • Grapefruit wedge


    1. Combine all ingredients except the tonic water over cubed ice in a large wine glass.
    2. Stir and top with tonic.
    3. Garnish with grapefruit wedge and sprig of thyme for added flavour.
  • Bombay Sapphire Gin Mule

    bombay sapphire gin mule
    Batch-make Bombay Sapphire gin mules

    “Nothing says summer better than the botanical notes of a well-made gin,” Joe says, adding that this is a refreshing twist to a classic cocktail traditionally reserved for vodka. The fresh lime is a great addition for summer days.

    Ingredients per-serving (multiply by your group size): 

    • 50ml Bombay Sapphire gin
    • 15ml Lime juice
    • 100ml Ginger beer (chilled)
    • 2 Fresh mint sprigs
    • 2 Lime wedges
    • Slice of fresh ginger (optional)


    1. Combine all of the ingredients in a gin goblet
    2. Stir and add a lime wedge to garnish
  • Bacardi Mojito

    Baccardi mojito summer cocktail
    Rum cocktails for big groups

    Rum is perhaps the ultimate summer drink and a mojito in the park is a classic combination for a reason. “It’s the perfect tipple for those craving something zesty, yet sweet and refreshing,” Joe says. 

    Ingredients per-serving (multiply by your group size):

    • 50 ml Bacardí Carta Blanca Rum
    • 25ml Lime juice
    • 12 Mint leaves
    • 2tsp Extra fine sugar
    • 25ml Soda water


    1. Build over cubed ice in a highball
    2. Mix in freshly awoken mint leaves
  • Martini Fiero & Tonic

    martini fiero and tonic
    Batch-make martini fiero and tonic

    Joe describes Martini Fiero as “bold flavoured and brightly coloured” with a “bittersweet orange flavour”. It tastes great and it will look even better in your park selfie for Instagram.

    Ingredients per-serving (multiply by your group size):

    • 70ml Martini Fiero
    • 70ml Tonic water
    • Orange wedge for garnish


    1. 50% Martini Fiero and 50% tonic water
    2. Serve over ice with an orange garnish

Joe’s expert tips for batch-making cocktails

Fresh ingredients are best 

“To keep your cocktails fresh, hold off adding fruit juice or mixer until the day of consumption,” Joe advises. “Bubbles, in particular, should definitely be added as the finishing touch, as carbonated drinks can lose fizziness quickly – and no one likes a flat cocktail!”

Joe recommends having a cold bottle of soda water ready to add to your pre-made cocktails which you can add at the last minute for optimum fizz.

Avoid dairy and eggs

“Unfortunately, these sorts of ingredients can separate over time, particularly if exposed to warmer temperatures,” Joe explains. “Lighter ingredients – such as a fruit juice or soda water – are more likely to stand the test of time and make for a fresh-tasting cocktail!” 

Ice matters for more than one reason

“Of course ice is a nice way to cool your cocktail but it also serves as a diluent to create a more balanced taste,” Joe says. Don’t fancy lugging an ice bag to your picnic? Simply add a splash of water to your pre-mix and keep chilled in the fridge until it’s time to drink. Even better, invest in a cooler box for super chilled cocktails, even when on the move.

Go for the garnish

“Garnishes are a great way to elevate your cocktails and can quickly transform simple serves into summer showstoppers that will be the envy of your fellow park-goers,” says Joe.

“My go-to garnishes are pre-sliced citrus fruits such as lemon, lime and grapefruit,” he continues, explaining that these fruits are easy to prepare and can simply be thrown in a zip lock pouch ready to add at the last minute.

“Seasonal fruits, such as berries, are also great for adding a touch of summer sweetness, or for those who have been nurturing a herb garden over lockdown, a sprig of homegrown mint or rosemary not only tastes great, but will impress your friends too.”

Choose your vessel wisely 

Joe explains that many people opt for glass bottles when pre-batching cocktails but a metal thermos is actually the best option for keeping drinks chilled. Joe recommends Yeti’s tumblers and thermoses made from durable stainless steel. “You can even freeze your bottle the night before for optimal chilling time, so all that’s left to do it sit back, sip and enjoy,” he adds.

  • Joe McCanta, Global Head of Education & Mixology at Bacardi

    Joe Mccanta mixologist headshot

    Joe brings together a passion for great cocktails with the creative skill of a master mixologist. He is educated worldwide in the mixology industry and is a leading expert in his field.

Images: Bacardi


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