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Restaurant kits: DIY meals from your favourite restaurants delivered to your home

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Leah Sinclair
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Arabic and Middle Eastern dinner table.

Get your foodie kick with these restaurant kits from some of the most popular restaurants in London. 

Supper clubs are one thing but and restaurant kits are in as the coolest foodie activity. Which, given the cold weather and general reluctance to leave the house right now, sounds like a good way to spend an evening. 

Yup, the new plan for date nights, birthdays and anniversaries that require minimum planning, instead of going out, getting dishes from your favourite restaurants delivered straight to your door and making them at your own convenience.  

Cult restaurants all over London and beyond have been creating their own kits, which means loyal customers can recreate menu classics at home and still get their fix for the best pizza, burgers, Indian cuisine and more, in town. 

We’ve picked out some of our favourites which you can order right now. 

  • Ding Dong Dim Sum favourites for two

    Selection of dumplings, dum sim and wonton dishes available to order as a DIY meal kit from Ding Dong Dim Sum
    DIY meal-kits: Ding Dong Dim Sum favourites for two

    Unfortunately, anyone who has ordered dim sum to be delivered knows that the delicate assortment of dumplings doesn’t always travel very well. But you can take the guess-work out of the occasion with the exciting collection of DIY kits from Ding Dong Dim Sum. 

    You’ll be spoilt for choice with the options available, so if in doubt go for the Ding Dong Favourites box which comes complete with pork and chive Japanese gyoza, prawn har kau, a carrot slaw kit and more.

    Shop Ding Dong Dim Sum favourites for two, from £33.80

  • Goila Butter Chicken

    Butter chicken
    DIY meal-kits: Goila Butter Chicken DIY kit

    Goila’s founder Saransh Goila says he wants his butter chicken dish to become everyone’s favourite curry, and we can see him succeeding. 

    Fresh, incredibly tasty and with just the right juiciness, this chicken-based dish is perfect for a Saturday-night feast. 

    Saransh says the secret is switching up the tomato to dairy ratio (80:20 as opposed to the usual 60:40), the all-important infusion of smoke and only using the best quality ingredients. 

    The Butter Chicken Experience serves two and includes Goila butter chicken, dal makhani, jeera rice, sourdough naan and pickled shallots and coriander chutney. There’s also a vegetarian version, offering butter paneer instead of chicken

    Shop Goila Butter Chicken DIY kit at Restokit, £39.50

  • Borough Market

    Steak, vegetables and red wine meal kit
    DIY meal-kits: Borough Market steak and cheese night for two box

    Borough Market is renowned throughout London as a foodie hub, brimming with hole-in-the-wall restaurants and stalls with best-quality produce. 

    Now you can get the magical experience of one of the city’s most exciting food markets at home, with a whole range Borough Market DIY meal kits via Good Sixty.

    These kits are stuffed with premium products, many of which are UK-sourced, and cater for any time of the day. From the picnic box which contains olives, cheese and charcuterie to the pancake brunch kit with orange blossom honey, Glastonbury butter and artisan bread.

    We particularly like the steak and cheese night for two box which has everything you need for a restaurant-worthy meal with a friend or partner at home. Think rump steaks from Northfield Farm Butchery, fresh vegetables, a bottle of Chateau Reynier Bordeaux 2018 Vintage red, St Felicien cheese and much more. 

    Shop Borough Market steak and cheese night for two box from at Good Sixty, £55.50

  • Carluccio's

    Plates of pasta
    DIY meal-kits: Carluccio's

    Carluccio’s has long been one of the UK’s favourite haunts for a big, warming bowl of pasta. And, after the two years we’ve all had, there’s never been a better time for comfort food. 

    You can now get your carb fix from home with Carluccio’s meal kits which employ a ‘minimum fuss, maximum flavour’ ethos. 

    Each kit comes beautifully presented in a gift hamper with a ribbon and easy-to-follow instructions and menu cards, to make the experience feel like even more of a treat. Plus, there are options to add on wine or ingredients like truffle oil at the checkout, to make even more of a night of it.

    Shop meal kits at Carluccio’s, from £29

  • HG Walter boxes

    restaurant meal kits
    DIY meal-kits: HG Walter boxes

    Choose from six meat boxes including lean meat, grass-fed beef steak and low and slow to pop in the oven and enjoy.

    The pack includes simple cooking instructions (including how to finish your dish under the grill for extra crispiness), as well as some herb yoghurt and hot pepper sauce to enjoy on the side. 

    Shop HG Walter boxes, from £27

  • Ginger Pig X Shuk beef brisket pita kit

    The Ginger Pig & SHUK Brisket Pita Box
    DIY meal-kits: Ginger Pig X Shuk beef brisket pita kit

    Imagine beef brisket, lovingly braised for 12 hours with date honey, baharat spices and sweet red wine, which has been wrapped into a soft pitta, layered with cheese and finished with a big dollop of smokey mayo, delivered straight to your door to assemble when you please.

    This is the creation of Shuk and Jamie of The Ginger Pig, who have come together to make a mouthwatering weekend DIY dish. 

    Each box includes: a set of instructions, a bag of cooked 12-hour spiced beef brisket, a pot of smoky mayo, a pot of pickled red onions, four cheese slices, a head of baby gem lettuce and four bespoke Shuk pitas.

    Shop Ginger Pig X Shuk beef brisket pita kit, £35

  • Hoppers Cash & Kari meal kits

    Hoppers Cash & Kari
    DIY meal-kits: Hoppers Cash & Kari meal kits

    Hoppers is the boutique south Asian restaurant chain which has been delighting Londoners with its award-winning dishes and authentic style. 

    Get a taste of their delicious dishes at home, with meal kits that cater for two, three or four people with options such as lamb kothu roti, paneer kothu roti, and kalupol chicken, coming with delights such as homemade banana chips, mutton rolls, pol rotis, chicken rasa and their take on the all-time favourite dessert, the chocolate-coco biskut pudding.

    Shop Hoppers Hoppers Cash & Kari meal kit, from £25

  • The Yan Untethered

    The Yan Untethered
    DIY meal-kits: The Yan Untethered

    The Yan Untethered is known as one of the best places to eat in the Lake District but don’t worry, you can try its scrummy menu of comfort food wherever you are in the UK

    Everything is made from scratch (even the ketchup!), with every meal not only tastes amazing but is inspired by the farm’s history, on which the restaurant and rooms sits. 

    We particularly like The Yan’s delivery kits because of their themed options, which make a special night in a lot easier. For example, the ‘date night’ package includes a starter of slow-cooked potted beef brisket in a sourdough bun, topped with cheddar cheese, back bacon, paprika mayo, jalapeños, pickled carrots

    Plus, you’ll have to save room for a sweet treat of blueberry sponge set in white chocolate with cherry compote and candied almonds.

    Shop cook-at-home dishes at The Yan Untethered, from £4.50

  • Barge House’s Breakfast En Bread brunch kits with Gail’s Bakery

    Barge House’s Breakfast En Bread brunch kits with Gail’s Bakery
    Barge House’s Breakfast En Bread brunch kits with Gail’s Bakery

    Although many restaurant kits cater to dinner time, we like that Barge House’s Breakfast En Bread kit is all about brunching. This neighbourhood eatery, based in east London’s Hackney, has breakfast dishes available to order throughout the UK – and it’s something you won’t want to miss.

    Shop sourdough bread rolls at Barge House, from £15.50 

  • PASSO to go pizza kits

    PASSO to go
    DIY meal-kits: PASSO to go pizza kits

    Shoreditch-based Italian restaurant Passo has created a range of delicious DIY pizza kits allowing you to whip up mouth-watering pizza at home.

    There are loads of options to choose from including spiced salami, smoked speck and portobello mushroom and a three-cheese Margherita. 

    Shop Passo to go DIY pizza kits from £18

  • BAO classic pork made-by-you kit

    DIY meal-kits: BAO classic pork made-by-you kit

    BAO serves up contemporary Taiwanese dishes with an edge and even though you can’t go into the London branches right now, you can feast at home. 

    The Classic BAO made-by-you kit box contains six BAOs, 12hr braised pork, coriander, fermented mustard greens and peanut powder. Each box comes with instructions on how to cook and assemble.

    Shop BAO classic pork made-by-you kit, £24

  • Dishoom's Bacon Naan Roll kit

    Dishoom's Bacon Naan Roll kit
    DIY meal-kits: Dishoom's Bacon Naan Roll kit

    Dishoom is the cult South Asian restaurant that has us all queuing down the street for a chance to bag a table.

    Although Dishoom is loved for lunch, dinner and cocktails, there is one dish that gets touted again and again as a favourite: the breakfast bacon naan roll.

    This at-home kit means you can have a bacon naan roll whenever you like (and skip those long wait times in the process).

    It contains fresh ingredients straight from the restaurant including: smoked streaky bacon from Ramsay of Carluke (matured in the traditional Ayrshire way and smoked over applewood and beechwood chips), three naan doughballs (enough for two plus a spare for experimentation), tomato-chilli jam (their sweet, sharp, spicy signature sauce), fresh coriander and cream cheese.

    There’s also some cooking instructions and loose-leaf Darjeeling tea, chai spices and fresh ginger slices for brewing Chef Naved’s much-loved Masala Chai tea.

    Shop bacon naan roll kit at Dishoom, £17

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