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This Twitter thread just showed us how to repurpose Gü cheesecake pots – and we can’t get enough of it

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Leah Sinclair
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a photo of a cheescake inside a glass ramekin

We can all appreciate a Gü cheesecake now and again – and this Twitter thread highlights how to make use of the glass ramekins, from making candles to storing sauces.

I have to admit, I am partial to a Gü cheesecake – particularly that yummy salted caramel one. There is something about those little pots of heaven that are just so addictive, as they combine the perfect amount of cream, caramel and crumble to create a satisfying little treat (or two if you end up eating both in one go).

The love for all things Gü seems to be shared among the masses, so much so that a Twitter thread recently discussed how to repurpose the glass ramekins to create all sorts of little trinkets and treats.

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“Fellow gü cheesecake enthusiasts – what do you do with the little glass containers after you finish?,” asked one Twitter user. “bc it’s giving “the Nigerian urge to hoard”.

Many responded with their DIY tips and tricks on how to upcycle the ramekins with one woman commenting: “I keep them as pots for dips.”

Another said she uses the little pots to make moin moin – a Nigerian steamed bean pudding – to which one replied: “Stealing this idea.”

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A third user said he uses the pots to “keep cotton pads in them for easy access” and also to keep hairpins.

“I use them as ashtrays,” added another. “I’ve also got one I use to tap my residue powder into for my setting powder and also as tealight holders.”

Others shared that you can buy bamboo lids to cover the containers to store spices. It was also revealed that Pringles lids fit perfectly on top of the pots.

“Use Pringles lids to cover them and they can be little storage containers,” said a Twitter user, while one commented: “I store sauces or dressings I make AND pringles lids fit on them.”

Some shared that they also use the ramekins to make candles in them.

“I’ve been hoarding but, I now make my own cheesecakes using them,” said another. “When you want to be posh you can use them for starters too!”

Further down the thread, more users shared they use the ramekins as paint pots for children, to heat hair oil, propagating plants and get this: using them to give milk to cats.

“I put milk out for the local cats which has now resulted in many ramekins outside the communal front door,” one wrote. “Not ideal but… cats.”

Looks like our Gü cheesecake obsession is about to go to another level and I think I’ll be popping to my local Sainsbury’s to get a couple more – purely for home decor reasons, of course.

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