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Mental health: how to relax and reset this bank holiday weekend

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Lauren Geall
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Give your mental health some dedicated attention this bank holiday with the help of these expert tips.

The weather may be a bit all over the place at the moment (did anyone else hear those thunderstorms?), but with a double bank holiday on the horizon, there’s still plenty to smile about.

Whether you’ve got plans to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee or will be spending the time seeing friends and family, this weekend is also the perfect time to relax and recharge before the chaos of the summer months. But how can you make sure you’re using your time off to give your mental health a proper reset?

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While scheduling time to relax may sound silly, taking time to do the things which make you feel good and leave you feeling restored is the best way to ensure you make the most of your time off and end the bank holiday feeling your best.

So, to help you get started, we asked Jodie Cariss, therapist and founder of the high street therapy service Self Space, to share her advice for having a restorative weekend. Here’s what she had to say.  

Avoid being busy for busyness’ sake 

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It's OK to spend your weekend doing the bare minimum if that's what you need.

Just because you’ve got some time off work, doesn’t mean you have to cram every waking hour with activities and meet-ups with friends.

“Free yourself of the need to be busy and comparing yourself to others and what they are doing,” Cariss says. 

“Tune in to what you really need for your own replenishment. This might be resting, connecting to someone you love, going for a walk, enjoying silence or doing some partying.

“Just make sure that whatever you do, you do it for you and not because you feel you should be doing it.” 

Feel deeply 

When we’re super busy, it’s all too easy to ignore our emotions – but making space to recognise and explore how we’re feeling can make a big difference to our mental health.

As such, Cariss recommends taking some time this weekend to check in with yourself. 

“Make sure to carve out some time to feel deeply and notice how you’re really doing and what you need,” Cariss says. “Give the feelings space to come to you.” 

Reward yourself 

A bubble bath with a pouring tap and candles lit in the background
Go on, treat yourself to a bubble bath.

You’ve made it through over three months of 2022 – and that’s something to celebrate. Why not use this weekend as a chance to treat yourself to a much-needed pick-me-up?

“Celebrate your successes – even the micro-ones – and be your own hype person,” Cariss suggests. “Ask yourself, ‘What is the best reward I can give myself at the moment?’

“Even though it’s Easter this doesn’t have to be chocolate, it could be a nice home-cooked meal, a chance to tidy a drawer, a long bath, a hug or to sit in the sun and reflect on your awesomeness.” 

Check-in with your future self 

Before you dive into the weekend, try to think ahead to where you want to be come Tuesday morning.

“When Tuesday comes and we’re back to it, think about what you want to feel,” Cariss says. 

“Take some time on Thursday night and work out how you can cultivate that. You do have mastery over your time and what you do with it matters.” 

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