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Mental health: 6 signs you are showing up for yourself, according to a therapist

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Honouring your own needs is important when it comes to your wellbeing  and these are the signs that you are putting yourself first.

Being your own biggest supporter in life is key – but it’s easier said than done.

From dealing with low self-esteem to second-guessing your choices, it’s easy to fall into in a self-obsessed imposter syndrome-filled hole that is difficult to climb out of.

But there can be moments when we recognise the negativity surrounding us and decide to take steps to change the way we think and feel about ourselves – and it’s important to recognise those moments and celebrate that growth.

One person doing this is therapist Bobbi Banks.

In an Instagram post that has gained over 7,000 likes, Banks highlighted the six signs that someone is showing up from themselves.

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“Showing up for yourself can look different for each person, and it might even change over time,” she captioned the post. “But it’s just basically another way of saying honouring yourself and your needs, prioritising your wellbeing and being your own biggest supporter. In other words, showing up for yourself is the ultimate form of self-care and self-advocation.⁣”

In the post, Banks says the first sign you are showing up for yourself is by starting over without shaming yourself for failing, followed by speaking up when you’ve been hurt.⁣

The therapist adds that taking space even if you feel you’re “too much” is a key indicator that you are prioritising your own wellbeing, along with setting boundaries despite the fear of rejection and “saying no and only giving within your capacity”.⁣

Lastly, Banks says minimising contact with people who deplete you is a sign of honouring your own needs along with taking time to “relax, reflect and restore”.

Many people took to the comments to share how they are prioritising their own wellbeing.

“Love and appreciate this list,” commented one user. “It can be so hard to implement but worth it on the journey.”

Another wrote: “Love this reassurance! I’m actively trying to practice all of these no matter how uncomfortable they feel!”

We’re often very hard on ourselves when we recognise the things we need and want to change. But it’s important to highlight those moments when we have grown and developed and are getting closer and closer to the people we want to become.

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