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Could sleep apps really help us fall asleep? We tried them out

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The Stylist team gave some of the best sleep apps a try to see if they could really be the answer to a good night’s rest.

When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? For many of us, it was probably quite a while ago.

As a result, every night, an increasing number of people are plugging in to specialist apps that promise to relieve us of our sleep worries and lull us into a blissful rest, offering everything from guided meditations and white noise playlists to soothing bedtime stories. 

With this in mind, we thought it was time we tried and tested a few of the most popular apps in the sleep tech market right now, so Stylist went to bed with three of them to see how quickly we drifted off. 


“This app has plenty of options for background noise (‘distant thunder’ and ‘camp fire’ were my favourites) which you then team with soothing voiceovers,” says SEO executive Lucy Robson. “I chose ‘relax into sleep’ to combat hyperarousal – a racing mind – and found it really comforting.” 


Time to get to sleep: 30 mins


“I was impressed by Breethe’s ‘sweet dreams’ meditation,” says designer Megan Glynn. “The voiceover is a little robotic and it was hard to picture myself ‘floating in space’ at first, but my partner conked out after 10 minutes and I wasn’t far behind him, falling into a deep sleep.”


Time to get to sleep: 15 mins


“I’m a restless sleeper so I was intrigued by Slumber, which allows you to DJ yourself to dreamland by adjusting music levels and adding sounds,” says Rosanna Cole, video producer/director. “I chose a short meditation with ocean waves which helped silence my mind. I definitely saw a difference.”


Time to get to sleep: 20 mins

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