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It’s one of the most important factors in our day to day lives and the number one topic of conversation in the office, so Stylist decided to hold a festival to explore all things sleep-related. Expert expert tips, sleep experiments and snoozey accessories. 

Sleep is a feminist issue. Lisa Sanfilippo, a psychotherapist and sleep expert, has revealed there is a gender gap in the quality and quantity of shut-eye we’re getting every night. Perhaps it’s no surprise when you consider the statistics: as women, we’re paid less, carry more of the emotional and domestic workload at home, and frequently find ourselves in caring roles – be that for a child or a parent. The result? A non-stop pit of worry that keeps us awake at night.

Add to that our obsession with our phones, unpredictable eating patterns and the fact that getting a full eight hours is way down our list of priorities, and it’s no wonder that the most common answer to the question “How are you?” is “Tired”.

Sleep, or lack of, takes up a lot of our conversations.
Sleep, or lack of, takes up a lot of our conversations.

It was with this in mind that we were inspired to hold the very first Stylist Restival – a festival for the shattered woman. No drinking, no staying up late, just lots of sleep-focused me time and an early night. Just over two weeks ago, we disappeared with 34 of you for a giant sleepover and to discover the science behind getting the perfect night’s sleep.

Everything we learned is in this week’s special issue and this series on For the first and only time, I hope Stylist sends you fast asleep. Night night. 

Photography: Bronac McNeill, Getty Images

M&S designs homeware and nightwear that gives a great night’s rest, and is the official partner of the Stylist Restival 2020.

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