Stylist Restival 2022

Stylist Restival: the wellness event helping you achieve a more rested body and mind

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Join Stylist at the Mondrian Shoreditch hotel on Sunday 27 March for a specially curated event that invites you to discover the true power and recalibration of rest.

After two relentless years that have seen us all encounter trauma, anxiety or emotional and physical burnout, we’re on a mission to achieve more rested bodies and minds. Which is why we’re hosting a series of talks and workshops that will give you the tools you need to combat feeling wired and feeling tired at the Stylist Restival.

Targeting everything from mental and emotional rest to how to make your skin look more rested, our experts will be teaching you how to rest from head to toe.

Date: Sunday 27 March

Time: From 1pm

Location: Mondrian Shoreditch hotel

Tickets - SOLD OUT

Day Ticket: 1-6pm, £40 (includes six sessions, refreshments and a wellness bundle worth over £65)

Sleepover ticket: £170 (includes the above plus an overnight stay at the Mondrian, dinner with some of our experts, a restful sound therapy session and an evening wind-down yoga class)

What’s on at the Stylist Restival

A curated series of talks and workshops will give you everything you need for a top-to-toe burst of energy renewal.

  • The calming kick off

    Kareen Griffiths, found of Calmify
    Calmify's Kareen Griffiths leads an accessible mindfulness introduction

    You can’t rest if you can’t decompress. Founder of Calmify Kareen Griffiths kicks off the Stylist Restival with fun and accessible mindfulness techniques to help us calm the chaos and start to thrive. This session will 100% make you happier. 

  • Give your brain a break

    Gillian Binks and Joshua Fletcher
    Microsoft’s Gillian Binks and psychotherapist Joshua Fletcher join Stylist's Susan Riley to save you from burnout

    Stepping off the productivity wheel and getting mental rest is vital for our exhausted brains. The pressure to be always on with family, friends and colleagues can feel like an impossible task. Stylist’s Susan Riley quizzes Gillian Binks from Microsoft and psychotherapist Joshua Fletcher to discover how best to manage digital health in our new hybrid world of work. 

  • Restorative yoga to the rescue

    Stylist Restival Paula Hines yoga
    Restore body and mind with Paula Hines

    You don’t have to be asleep to achieve physical rest. Yoga teacher and author of Rest + Calm Paula Hines will lead you in a series of restorative yoga sequences so that you know how to give your body a break, whatever your mindset.

  • How to achieve emotional rest

    Stylist Restival Tamu Thomas
    Emotionally exhausted? Holistic lift coach, Tamu Thomas, is on hand

    It’s the form of rest Stylist women want to achieve most: how to meet your own emotional needs instead of the needs of others. During this session, holistic life coach Tamu Thomas shows us how. Clue: we need to stop being so nice!

  • No more tired face

    Stylist Restival Joanna Ellner
    Tired faces be gone with a little help from acupuncturist and former Stylist beauty director Joanna Ellner

    The ultimate beauty goal now is to not look shattered. Acupuncturist and former Stylist beauty director Joanna Ellner guides us on a journey to rested skin and outlines how the principles of Chinese medicine can help to keep our skin wide awake.

  • Sleepteriors: achieving calm through colour

    Joa Studholme

    Creating the right environment to feel calm, centred and rested is vital and is something that starts with colour. Find out how to turn your home into a nest of serenity with Farrow and Ball’s colour expert Joa Studholme

  • Pre-bedtime yoga nidra

    Stylist Restival Aisha Nash
    Aisha Nash leads sleepover guests into a deep physical and mental relaxation with a yoga nidra practice

    Sleepover guests will be invited to two additional sessions to help soothe them into the deepest, most restful night’s sleep.

    Otherwise known as sleep yoga, a yoga nidra practice with Aisha Nash will allow a complete physical and mental relaxation with inner awareness.

  • Sounds of sleep

    Jasmin Harsono
    A soothing sound bath from Jasmin will guide you into a peaceful rest

    Lying under a weighted blanket, sound therapy from Jasmin Harsono, founder of Emerald & Tiger, will lead you into the sleep of all sleeps.

Stylist Restival at the Mondrian
Stylist Restival: enjoy dinner at Mondrian's Bibo restaurant with a sleepover ticket

The Stylist Restival Sleepover

To truly indulge in the ultimate night of rest, choose a Stylist Restival Sleepover ticket and stay overnight at the Mondrian. You’ll be invited to join some of our rest experts for dinner at the Mondrian’s Bibo restaurant before a wind-down yoga class and restful pre-bedtime sound therapy session.

Sleepover tickets include an overnight stay in a standard king courtyard-view room at the luxurious Mondrian Shoreditch hotel on the Sunday night.

Please note event content is subject to change. View full event terms and conditions.

Mondrian Shoreditch hotel

Image credits: Stylist; Mondrian Shoreditch; Henry Hunt

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