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5 ways to add 1950s-style interiors to your home

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Over the marble-everything trend and looking for interiors inspo? It’s time to delve into the 1950s…

These days the small screen has a weighty influence on what we add to our Pinterest boards, from fashion to furniture.

Take our recent obsession with housewife-turned-comedian Midge Maisel. In case you hadn’t heard she’s the protagonist of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and by gosh does she have style.

With the arrival of series two, one thing that’s caught our eye has been the interiors that act as the backdrop to some of the show’s most important scenes. 

With us on the vintage vibes? Here are five ways to add some 50s charm to your home.

1. Grab an Eames chair

Charles and Ray Eames were the it couple when it came to design in the 50s, and their eponymous Eames chairs are still a stylish and minimalist staple today. 

Position one as an extra lounge chair or use it as a chic seat at your desk for an easy way to add some glamour to the room.

The best thing about them is their simplicity, which means they work with whatever interiors theme you already have going on.

2. Pick a statement fridge

Your fridge is more than a vessel for that bag of spinach you forgot to use up. Like it or not it’s probably the main focal point of your kitchen, so why not make it stylish as well as practical? 

Take inspiration from the mid-century and go for a statement fridge (hello, Smeg), and if you’re feeling extra brave you can even go for a bold colour. 

It’s the best bit of kitchen inspiration from the era, but you can still live safe in the knowledge that in 2018 if all else fails you can always get your dinner delivered to your door. Win win.

3. Try some green tiles

The tide of bathroom snobbery is turning, and these days the idea that anything except a crisp white bathroom is tacky and passé is obsolete.

That means it’s time to add some some green tiles into the mix. While we wouldn’t recommend going floor to ceiling, introducing some retro tiling to your bathroom is an easy way to add some character to your interiors game. 

Dot some modern finishing touches around the room to complement the 50s vibes (think copper accessories) then simply run a bath and recline.

4. Replace your side table 

The side table has become something of a lost art, or lost altogether if like every other normal human being an extra surface means an extra place to accumulate magazines, post and other miscellaneous items.

Three legs are better than four when it comes to giving your side table some 50s flair. If you already have a strict colour palette you can even get creative with your paintbrush.

Just try and keep the decks clear.

5. Go for some parquet flooring

Waiting Room with Parquet Floor

Cutting out carpet doesn’t just free up all those hours wondering whats been buried in it for a decade, it’s also a good way to give your home a subtle vintage edge. 

Parquet floors were all the rage in the 50s and sixty years on they’re still looking stylish when combined with more modern furnishings. 

The key to nailing the trend is moderation, and by that we mean stick to a hallway as opposed to the whole home.

For more 1950s inspiration, make sure to watch season one and two of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Prime Video now.