7 incredible artists and illustrators of colour to discover now and support forever

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Decorate your walls with a diverse range of artists and illustrators, starting with these seven incredibly talented women.

In the wake of Black Pound Day, an initiative sparked by the positive energy around the Black Lives Matter movement to encourage people to buy from black-owned businesses, we’re waking up to the power we have as consumers to support businesses owned by ethnic minorities. 

From investing in a black-owned skincare brand, to looking to independent fashion brands with founders of colour to add to your wardrobe, this is the time to shop mindfully and put our money behind the businesses that need support.

 The creative industries are notoriously difficult to get into, so here we have curated a list of artists and illustrators of colour who are incredibly talented and may not be on your radar.

Sourced from all over the world, these women challenge society through their art, often drawing inspiration from their communities and the experiences of women of colour to lift them up and shine a light on their narratives. So, if you’re looking to decorate your walls with something new, we suggest checking these brilliant women out.

  • Line & Honey

    Line & Honey art
    Artists of colour: Line & Honey

    Amberlee is the founder of Line & Honey and started using illustration as a way to unwind while completing her psychiatry MSc degree in London.

    Line & Honey’s aesthetic features warm tones and a striking but minimalist drawing style, while focusing on the visibility and unapologetic attitude of women of colour.

    Shop Close (and personal) print at Line & Honey, £35

  • Alexandra Bowman

    Alexandra Bowman print
    Artists of colour: Alexandra Bowman

    Alexandra Bowman is an illustrator, designer and muralist from California, USA, who uses her work to make those who are often invisible to society, seen. 

    Her talents lie especially in depicting the forms of women. These figures represent her and her community and the desire for social change, a message which she attempts to convey to those who look at her work. 

    Shop Sprung art print by Alexandra Bowman at Society6, from £10

  • Jeannie Phan

    Jeannie Phan
    Artists of colour: Jeannie Phan

    Jeannie Phan is primarily a digital illustrator with a playful but thought provoking style. As she lives in Toronto, Canada, she uses the city to inspire her and much of her work features urban life, friendships and her cat, Odin. 

    She also makes interesting observations on topics such as self-love, our relationships with food, the millennial mindset and mental health. 

    Shop Herbal Healing by Jeannie Phan, £16

  • Charlotte Edey

    Charlotte Edey art print
    Artists of colour: Charlotte Edey

    Charlotte Edey uses fantastical scenes and whimsical, pastel tones to explore symbolism and myth across a multitude of mediums. 

    The experiences of women of colour inform her images, with the female form at the centre of much of her work.

    Shop beach art print at Charlotte Edey, £160

  • Justina Blakeney

    Justina Blakeney art print
    Artists of colour: Justina Blakeney

    Justina Blakeney is a creative genius with a CV that reads designer, artist, entrepreneur and bestselling author. She founded one of our favourite homeware brands, Jungalow, which is where you’ll find much of her artwork. 

    With a bohemian spirit, Justina’s art often honours women in their many different forms and pays homage to motherhood, female friendship and sisterhood. 

    Shop In Chorus Art Print by Justina Blakeney at Jungalow, £32

  • Meera Lee Patel

    Meera Lee Patel
    Artists of colour: Meera Lee Patel

    Meera Lee Patel has created a career from both her beautiful artist talents and her belief that anything is possible. With a dedication to understanding and nurturing mental health, she has written a book on what we can achieve, which are all themes present in her art prints.

    Meera’s collection of quotes are colourfully annotated with celestial motifs and make for a truly inspiring addition to any wall. 

    Shop A Happy Life art print at Meera Lee, £16

  • Thee Bouffants

    Thee Bouffants
    Artists of colour: Thee Bouffants

    Kendra Dandy is the woman behind Thee Bouffants aka Bouffants and Broken Hearts, a bold, bright and in her own words “sassy” brand of artworks and products.

    Her images her mesmerising, filled with colour, pattern and a fascinating distortion of normality which sees red-lipped oranges winking from their fruit bowl and leopards wearing Molly Goddard-style dresses. 

    Shop Green Coat art print at Thee Bouffants, £36

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Images: Courtesy of artists

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