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Our edit of everything you need to visit the beach in the hot weather.      

Our obsession with British beach holidays has only heightened this week thanks to the mega heatwave sweeping the country.

If you’re still working from home (and not in an air conditioned office) you’re probably dreaming of the weekend, when you can drive to the coast, set up camp on the sand and cool down in the sea. And, if you’re lucky enough to be near a beach already, then we bet you’ll be reading this with a week full of plans to visit the sands. 

Whichever it is, after you’ve picked your beach of choice (or a not-so-tropical UK island) and booked your beachfront accommodation, you’ll be needing our beach essentials edit which is full of accessories to take with you.

From quick-drying hair towels to windbreaks and deck chairs to keep you comfy, here’s everything you need for the beach.

  • Luxury hotel pool towel

    If you’ve never heard of Tielle Love Luxury then we’ve got a top tip for you. Have you ever noticed that hotel bedding is just, special? It’s soft but crisp, and there’s than loose bottom sheet that we never seem to buy for our own homes. 

    Well, this brand actually supplies luxury hotels with their bedding, towelling and robes, so this is your direct line to make your home feel as comfortable and luxurious as a hotel. 

    These cute stripy pool towels, for example, are used at gorgeous hotel Cobblers Cove in the Caribbean. They’re super absorbent, have a spa-like feel and are made from premium Turkish cotton.   

    Shop luxury hotel pool towel at Tielle Love Luxury, £30

  • Printed cotton and tassel blue parasol

    Keep the sun out of your eyes on the beach with this stylish parasol umbrella, perfect for reading a book under.

    Prop it up or stick straight in the sand for some rest-bite from the heat.

    Shop printed cotton and tassel blue parasol at Oliver Bonas, £198

  • Hair wrap towel

    Dock & Bay specialise in quick dry towels which are just the thing to take to the beach.

    This hair wrap is light and easy to pack, super absorbent and cuts down on frizz thanks to its soft material.  

    Shop hair wrap at Dock & Bay, £14

  • Large woven basket

    Pack your picnic in this gorgeous woven basket, which has a suitcase-style shape and button to close.

    Also, if you haven’t checked out The People Shop before, make sure to explore their curated collection of neutral-toned, minimalistic homeware and clothing.

    Shop large woven basket at The People Shop, £30

  • Premium cool bag

    We can’t get enough of the muted tones and whimsical design of this stylish cool bag, which turns something practical into a stylish accessory.

    It also has a detachable strap, plus water, mould and UV-resistant coating.

    Shop premium cool bag by Slow Down Studio at Selfridges, £60

  • Olive wood heart bowls

    These beautiful bowls won’t smash if you take them to the beach, making them the perfect vessels for crisps, dips, fruit and whatever other snacks you’re in the mood for.

    They are hand-carved from olive wood tree in Kenya, with special care being taken to highlight interesting areas of the wood’s grain and natural curvature.

    Shop olive wood heart bowls at Swahili Modern, £16

  • Maui folding deckchair

    Habitat has a range of wooden folding chair frames which you can pack up and take to the beach with you.

    Seat covers are sold separately, so you can swap and change designs as you like. 

    Shop Maui folding deckchair frame at Habitat, £50

  • Beach towel

    Soho House is famous for its rooftop pools in places like London and Amsterdam, each of which has its own style of outdoor towel. 

    You can find designs in pink, blue, green and more online, but we particularly like this art deco-style yellow number inspired by Soho House’s 180 Strand venue.

    Shop 180 Strand pool towel at Soho Home, £60

  • Portable beach tent

    This portable beach tent can be strung up anywhere to create a sun-safe space for you on the sand. 

    Tie it to two poles, string it up on a tree or use as a windbreak. Then, pack it away into its teeny pouch which will fit easily in your bag.

    Shop portable beach tent at Trouva, £99

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