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7 bath racks for optimal chill vibes

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Make the most relaxing part of the day even more relaxing with a simple and handy bath rack.

When it comes to acts of self-care, few come close to the relaxing and restorative powers of a bath.

Whether it’s an Epsom salt-filled one after a workout or one brimming with essential oils before bed, there’s something supernaturally calming about a bath that nothing else compares to.

If you reside in the camp of bath-taker that also enjoys a cup of tea – or a glass of wine – while soaking, or or maybe you like to binge a couple of episodes of your favourite TV show or read a few pages of your book, then you may well need a bath rack. Aka the only thing that will make your bath time feel even more luxurious.

Used to either house shower essentials or as a stand on which to hold wine/snacks/books during bath time, there’s no bathroom that couldn’t benefit from the virtues of a handy bath rack. These are some of our favourites. 

Images: courtesy of brands.

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