Quirky carafes

7 quirky carafes for stylish summer sipping

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Whether you’d prefer a colourful or a quirky carafe, we’ve rounded up the best that money can buy to scratch your kooky kitchenware itch.

It’s summertime, which means one thing and one thing only: rosé (or, equally as appealing, frosé.)

And what does rosé need? Yes, a mouth to drink it and grapes to make it, but more than that: it needs a carafe from which to stylistically pour it. To style it out so much that guests who stop by for a glass or two are left in awe of not only how delicious the wine looks, but also how stylish the vessel holding it is.

If you belong in the percentage of people who are pouring straight from the bottle, or still using their age-old carafe from yesteryear, it’s no surprise! It may feel like a household item that’s just not entirely justifiable, but oh, how it is. Nothing says ‘I mean business’ in fact, more than a cool and quirky carafe. And you needn’t look far, as we’ve rounded up the best for you, so it’s easier than ever to shop the trend.

Images: courtesy of brands.

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