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Self-care and wellbeing subscription boxes to order now

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Best self-care subscription boxes

We’ve all been feeling a little blue of late, so why not treat yourself  – or someone else – to a self-care subscription box to make the days a little brighter?

In the wake of lockdown, many of us, understandably, aren’t feeling our sunniest selves. Whether it’s job worries or the loneliness of solitary self-isolation, there are plenty of reasons why you might need a pick-me-up. 

So, with a ‘glass half full’ view, you could say that the large amount of time many of us are still spending at home is at least a chance to catch up on sleep and take some time for yourself – all of which would be improved by a self-care box delivery.

Ideal because you don’t have to leave the house, these little boxes of joy are filled with goodies like thought-provoking journals, bath bombs, calming teas and must-read books. 

Enjoy our curated list of self-care subscription boxes and we hope that they make your lockdown a little easier. 

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  • Syzygy Sister

    Sisters Carlene and Tanya believe that self love helps us to be more loving to those around us, and accept love from others into our hearts more easily.

    Which is why they created their gorgeous subscription boxes, packed full of spiritual, celestial and mindful goodies for you.

    Previous boxes included natural beauty products, cleansing bundles, candles, books and more. 

    Shop subscription box at Syzygy Sister, £39

  • Natural Wellness Box

    Best self-care subscription boxes: Natural Wellness Box
    Best self-care subscription boxes: Natural Wellness Box

    Wellness is a word that often seems to sit alongside self-care these days, and this vegan, cruelty-free, chemical-free subscription box definitely feels good to receive.

    With a mixture of natural beauty products, healthy treats, supplements and wellness products, this box will help you start your wellness journey from the inside out. After all, taking care of our bodies is a big part of what self-care is about. 

    Shop subscription box at Natural Wellness, £37


    Best self-care subscription boxes: Wild Woman
    Best self-care subscription boxes: Wild Woman

    WILDWOMAN calls itself a self-care subscription box, but instead of only concentrating on items that are designed to calm down and relax you, it’s packed with products that help nourish your soul and mind, too. 

    Each box comes with an empowering, female-focused book and a worksheet that you can fill out once you’ve read it, to ensure you’ve got the most out of your new read. There’s also items like stationery and affirmation cards to make you smile, as well as self-care staples like crystals. Boxes take on an overarching theme, with past themes including confidence, sleep and self-love. 

    Shop monthly subscription box at WILDWOMAN, £28.50

  • Bathbox

    Best self-care subscription boxes: Bathbox
    Best self-care subscription boxes: Bathbox

    Sounds simple, but something which is often praised as one of the best self-care methods is a bath. Not only a chance for you to relax and unwind, with no distractions like phone to hand, but the warming temperature can help calm you down and improve your sleep too

    So what better way to indulge in this ritual than getting a box full of bathtime goodies, making each soak more glorious than the last. Each box holds a minimum of five items, including bath salts, bombs and products. 

    Shop subscription box at Bathbox, £9.99

  • Pause

    Mental health charity, Mind, is already a huge support to those struggling with illnesses like depression or anxiety. Now, though, the organisation has found another way to not only encourage donations to support the work it does, but also reach out to even more people.

    Introducing Pause, a little me–time treat delivered to your door each month.

    Boxes cost just £7.50 a month, and that money goes straight into funding the charity. You, in return, get a little monthly package with small treats to remind you to invest some time in your mental wellbeing and brighten your day.

    We think this would also make a lovely present for someone who was struggling with their mental health, especially someone who is familiar with all the wonderful things Mind do.

    Shop subscription box at Pause, £7.50

  • The Box Of

    Sisters Rochelle and Shana, launched The Box Of in 2017 to encourage those with intensely stressful corporate lives to invest more time into looking after themselves. The pair grew up receiving parcels of love and care from distant family members and hoped to recreate that special, cosy feeling for other people in need of a little TLC.

    Speaking about why they decided to start their own business, the duo explain: “The Box Of was born from our passions and own self care needs as busy modern women working in the big smoke. Together with a team of top notch advisors, we’ve created a rotating selection of honest ‘good for you’ products and practices that inspire you to find space in your life to focus on the positive and keep going the right way, whatever life throws at you.”

    There’s a selection of subscription options available ranging from one (£25) to three (£75) months, and different types of boxes you can pick for yourself, too. Choose between themes like the box of calm self-care, comfort, joy, refresh and love, just to name a few. Boxes typically include a mixture of luxury aromatherapy candles and mindful tools, stationery, edible refreshment products and come in a large kraft box.

    Shop subscription box at The Box Of, £25 

  • Buddy Box

    Blurt is an organisation dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding around depression. With a small team, it does all it can to partner with bigger companies and spread the word and give support to those that need it. One of the ways it tries to do this is with Buddy Box, a subscription service that is designed to counter the pressures we face in modern life with what they describe as “a hug in a box.”

    Each BuddyBox contains at least five quality products hand-picked to nourish, inspire and encourage self-care. The products change every month and remain top-secret until they get delivered to your door. It is, however, possible to have a gander at previous boxes which contain sewing kits, mindful books, notepads, plasticine figurines, face masks, hot chocolate and eye masks.

    Although Blurt’s main mission is helping with depression, the boxes are designed for anyone who could do with a day brightener, and are deliberately created ageless and genderless to appeal to as many people as possible.

    Shop subscription box at Buddy Box, £21.50

  • A Box of Happiness

    Happiness Planner specialises in pastel hued planners, diaries and journals, all angled specifically towards helping buyers calm and compress their thoughts to encourage happiness, positive mental health and achieving success.

    So, it would seem there are few more qualified to deliver a box that helps to organise your thoughts and encourage mindfulness.

    There are five types of boxes to choose from: confidence, law of attraction, purpose, self awareness and growth mindset. Each one is priced at £20 and includes a journal with 30 questions themed around your chosen box’s name, printable worksheets to help you achieve your goals, inspirational notecards and a beautiful notebook and pen, too. 

    Shop subscription box at The Happiness Planner, £20 

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