The bigger the mugs, the better.

Oversized mugs to make that morning cup of tea last longer

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If you’re used to sipping your morning coffee from a minute mug, then it’s about time you upgraded to an oversized iteration with plenty more room for your wake-up drink of choice.

Whether your wake-up drink of choice is a coffee in a capacious cup or a tea in a tiny cup, if you’re in the habit of enjoying a hot drink first thing – or at any time of the day for that matter – then the chances are you are the proud owner of a mug or two.

But for tea-drinkers and coffee lovers alike, there’s one slight upgrade that you could make to your crockery arsenal that could – and will – seriously upgrade your drinking experience: an oversized mug.

The purveyors of the oversized mugs that we’ve come to know and love are Emma Bridgewater, Jasper Conran and Le Creuset, all of which have crafted sizeable mugs which we can’t get enough of.

To save you from sieving through the measly average-sized mugs, we’ve rounded up the biggest and best to upgrade to now. 

Images: courtesy of brands.

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