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14 stylish jewellery storage ideas for all of your bling

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From your blingy earrings to your stash of necklaces, give your jewellery a home with one of these chic storage ideas. 

Once you’ve bagged yourself all the bling a girl could want (see fashion editor-approved hoop earrings and necklaces at surprisingly purse-friendly prices), you may very well be left wondering just how – or, in fact, where – to store them at home.

Because without a home for your jewellery, it goes missing like no other (just us?) and ends up draped on a nondescript table. It needs something solid, a tangible place for it to live and, indeed, for you to be able to locate it in a second.  

Luckily for we jewellery lovers, there’s a plethora of stylish storage options for our bling to call home. From portable and picture-perfect jewellery boxes to cool and convenient wall hangings for those lacking storage, there really is something for everyone. Here are a few of our favourites…

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