Boho home accessories to shop now and update your bedroom

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Boho home accessories to transform your bedroom into a beachy, natural haven.

Bohemian decor style focuses on earthy tones, natural materials and plenty of references to Mother Nature – from leafy patterns to sunshine hues – making it the trend of the heatwave.

This aesthetic reminds us of paradisiac places like the beaches of Bali and Australia, which we love the idea of incorporating into our city lives. Plus, most boho home accessories draw on a mix of textures and materials, which makes for an eye catching interior design concept.

Here we’ve focused on boho home accessories specifically for the bedroom, including pieces like rugs, throws and cushions, so that you can create a natural haven just for you. 

  • Echo planter

    Boho home accessories: planter

    This simplistic planter is made from sustainable cork sourced from Portugal and gets eco points for being biodegradable and recyclable.

    It comes in both a large grain and smaller grain, so the texture of your pot’s exterior will differ depending on your choice. 

    Shop Echo planter at Mind the Cork, £22

  • Luminosa Pillow

    Boho home accessories: pillow

    This pillow’s design offers a modern, boho twist on an age-old inspiration: the moon.

    It gets a particularly big thumbs up for the tasseled edges. 

    Shop Luminosa Pillow by Justina Blakeney® X Loloi at Jungalow, £103

  • Anne bowl

    storage bowl
    Boho home accessories: storage bowl

    This colourful bowl has been handwoven in Senegal using a type of grass called ‘ndiorokh’ and long strips of coloured plastic.

    It’s extremely sturdy and would make a day-brightening fruit bowl, bread bin or storage solution. 

    Shop storage bowl at La Basketry, £25

  • Rattan egg chair

    Folk interiors egg chair
    Boho home accessories: egg chair

    Egg chairs are set to be one of the coolest interior trends for the summer, but you can really make the look yours by having one in your bedroom. 

    Imagine this beauty in the corner of your room, next to a stack of books ready for you to swing back and relax.

    Shop rattan egg chair at Folk Interiors, £390

  • Cloud grey pom-pom blanket

    This throw was sourced and handmade in Marrakech, crafted from 100% cotton by local weavers.

    It comes in a delicate grey hue and is very soft, perfect for draping across your bed.

    Shop cloud grey pom-pom blanket at We Are Nomads, £95

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