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Bookcase styling is an art in itself. Here’s five ideas on how to make your bookcase look its most beautiful with homeware accessories you can shop now.

Not only do we love creating our own book nook with a big comfy chair and sticking our nose in the pages of wonderful story, just having a bookcase full of tomes makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Because books aren’t just enriching for our minds, they make a beautiful addition to our surroundings, too. Whether a coffee table book laid out for its beautiful cover or a bookcase crammed full of must-reads, for those who love them, books are an essential part of decorating because they reflect who we are.

So, if you’ve been stocking up on books and have found somewhere to proudly show them off, you’ll probably want to create an aesthetic that does them proud. 

There’s loads of inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest for bookcase decor, but here we’re gathered some of our favourite examples along with homeware accessories you can shop to use as styling tools.

  • Keep it minimal

    If you’re a fan of minimalism we think you’ll like this neutral-toned bookshelf. 

    It keeps books and styling products to a minimum, being careful not to overcrowd the shelves with either, while creating a clean look by using a limited colour palette. 

  • Color coordination

    The colour coordination of bookshelves is very much a ‘thing’, with the style having gained somewhat of a cult following.

    If you don’t have the finances right now to decorate your bookshelves, simply arranging the spines into groups by colour looks really impactful.

  • Add some plants

    Plants, plants and more plants – we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, greenery is the heart of the home. 

    We’d recommend trailing house plants for your bookshelves, placing them high up so they can dangle down on the books below. Little succulents and cacti look cute, too. 

  • Use bookends and accessories

    Homeware accessories used as styling tools will take your bookshelves to the next level. 

    Items like globes, ornaments, bookends and paper weights can all bring character and personality.

  • Double up on vases

    Decorative vases look beautiful on a bookshelf, whether filled with flowers or not. 

    Either mix and match with any vases that you love, or copy this example and opt for similar colours and styles to create a uniformed look.

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