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Care packages: 12 thoughtful gift ideas to send in the post

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Care packages were a lovely way to show friends we cared over lockdown and even though restrictions have loosened these bundles of joy haven’t lost their charm.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful way to brighten the day of a friend, then a care package is a sure way to make someone you love smile.

Whether it be surprising a friend who just scored a new job with a luxury bouquet of letterbox flowers or sending someone an art kit to get their creative juices flowing, there are lots of ways to do this via post. After all, who doesn’t love getting a surprise courtesy of snail mail?

From edible bundles, cute gestures or beauty products to help them unwind, we’ve picked some of the best care packages out there to show your nearest and dearest you’re thinking of them.

  • Brush and Bubbles art kit

    Brush and Bubbles art kit
    Care Packages: Brush and Bubbles art kit.

    Lara and Tiff created Brush and Bubbles as a way of getting friends together to have a drink, do something fun and brush up on their art skills. While the brand’s in-person sessions were very popular pre-pandemic, over the last year the at-home kits have become a best seller. 

    Each kit is housed in a large, structured box which is decorated with playful illustrations, making for a great storage container to keep for later. Inside, you’ll find a whole art set including four canvases, two sets of paintbrushes, one paint palette, three packs of acrylic paints and a can of prosecco. 

    It’s the perfect gift because it contains everything a friend would need to start painting and thanks to amount of materials provided it’s also something you could do together. 

    Shop art kit at Brush and Bubbles, £48

  • Paint Pots & Quills calligraphy set

    Paint Pots and Quills Calligraphy Set
    Care Packages: Paint Pots & Quills calligraphy set.

    A gift that inspires creativity is a brilliant way of encouraging a friend to take some time for themselves. And, as calligraphy is all about using your hands (and therefore getting off your phone), it’s an activity that involves mindfulness, as well as the learning of a new skill. 

    Paint Pots & Quills is founded by Sneha, a doctor by day and doodler by night, who has used calligraphy to unwind for years. After garnering a large Instagram following, she created her own at-home kits for others to try it out, too. 

    The beginners modern calligraphy set has been thoughtfully designed to help you start your new hobby in style. Not only does it contain everything you need practically, but there are plenty of finessed details such as a vintage-style cork bottle to keep your pen nibs safe, a beautifully annotated and bound workbook, and a personalised presentation gift box. 

    Sneha also provides an online tutorial that can be followed at home for further guidance. Oh, and she calligraphies the name and address of the lucky person receiving one of these sets, so any friend will feel special getting this package through the letterbox.

    Shop beginners modern calligraphy set at Paint Pots & Quills, £45

  • Palette Roses and Gifting

    Palette Roses and Gifting
    Care Packages: Palette Roses and Gifting.

    If you’re looking for a gift that will ‘wow’ your loved one, this is the real deal. 

    Everything about Palette is incredibly beautiful. Thanks to the elegant packaging, the experience is a delight from the moment one of these boxes lands on a lucky recipient’s doorstep. Each bouquet and gift is presented in a huge, pale pink box that opens up to showcase the lovely goodies you’ve picked, alongside a stunning bunch of creamy roses. 

    There are plenty of options to suit your budget and your friend’s taste. These start with with five luxury rose stems, a brightening face mask and a slab of chocolate, but can include beauty products, candles, an eye mask, snuggly socks and much more.

    This gift would be perfect for birthdays, special occasion news, would-be wedding days or just putting an extremely huge smile on someone’s face.

    Shop gift box at Palette Gifting and Roses, from £45

  • Plant Gift Box

    Care Packages: Plant Gift Box from The Watered Garden.
    Care Packages: Plant Gift Box from The Watered Garden.

    This houseplant gift box is the perfect treat for the plant lover in your life.

    There are four different types of boxes to choose from depending on the size, number of type of houseplants you’re looking for. Each of the plants comes wrapped in some adorable plant-themed wrapping paper, too.

    Shop Plant Gift Box at The Watered Garden, from £12

  • Bestseller Brownie Box

    Care Packages: Bestseller Brownie Box from Bad Brownie.
    Care Packages: Bestseller Brownie Box from Bad Brownie.

    If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face, it’s a brownie.

    Bad Brownie’s delectable treats aren’t just any regular brownies, either – with flavours ranging from salted caramel to Ferrero, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

    This collection of Bad Brownie’s bestselling brownies is a great way to treat your friend or family member to a range of different flavours – you can choose from a range of sizes.

    Shop Bestseller Brownie Box at Bad Brownie, from £14.50

  • Oh Mumma

    Care Packages: Just For Mum subscription box from Oh Mumma.
    Care Packages: Just For Mum subscription box from Oh Mumma.

    Whether you’re a mum yourself or thinking of a friend, the Oh Mumma subscription box is the perfect monthly treat for one special reason – it’s not all about babies.

    Although the name of this box hints towards motherhood, it’s actually rooted in having something for yourself. The ‘Just For Mum’ box, for example, is full of goodies like beauty products, face masks, cocktail samples from cool alcohol brands and more.

    Which brings us to our next favourite thing about this box; Oh Mumma works hard to source a range of products from both independent brands and those you already love. This means you’re as likely to say, for example, “oh brilliant, I love that Benefit highlighter” as you are to be excited about discovering something new.

    Shop Just For Mum subscription box at Oh Mumma, from £23

  • Lost Stock

    The coronavirus pandemic has meant that fashion brands have cancelled billions of dollars worth of clothing orders from factories in places like Bangladesh. 

    This has a chain reaction on the workers, leaving millions of them with no income and no safety net, now facing starvation.

    Lost Stock aims to help by collating stock that has already been produced but is no longer being used, packaging this up into surprises boxes which you can buy. Each box supports a worker and their family for a week, and means this clothes won’t go to landfill.

    Send a friend a Lost Stock box and brighten their day with the knowledge that they’re helping a family far away.

    Shop box at Lost Stock, £35

  • Cheer Me Up tea box

    Care Packages: Cheer Me Up tea box from Bird & Blend Tea Co.
    Care Packages: Cheer Me Up tea box from Bird & Blend Tea Co.

    Tea is a very special thing. In times of crisis it calms us down and brings us together – in other words, we’ve never needed it more. So, if someone you know is a real tea fanatic, we think they’ll appreciate this cute box of tea-rrific brews.

    You can even add a personalised message to tell them just how much you love them. 

    What’s in it:

    • Strawberry Lemonade (a fantastically fruity tea infusion)
    • Simply The Zest  (sunflower petals and tangy tangerine)
    • Morning Kick (energy boosting with lemon and ginger)
    • 5 DIY infuser tea sacs

    Shop Cheer Me Up tea box at Bird & Blend Tea Co., £12.50

  • Pick Me Up box of messages

    Care Packages: Pick Me Up box of messages from Bread & Jam.
    Care Packages: Pick Me Up box of messages from Bread & Jam.

    Well, this is just about the cutest thing we’ve seen all lockdown. If your pal is feeling a little low, Bread & Jam is creating personalised ‘pick me up’ boxes so that you can tell them how great they are.

    Fill out your desired message for 10 little notes, each one with a different reason why you love them. We’re sure that getting this delivered to their door is bound to make their day better. 

    What’s in it:

    • 10 gold or blue slips of paper with your message printed

    Shop Pick Me Up box of messages at Bread & Jam, £19.95

  • Aromatherapy gift set

    Care Packages: Aromatherapy Gift Set from Naturally Good Scents.
    Care Packages: Aromatherapy gift set from Naturally Good Scents.

    We’re all feeling stressed and overwhelmed in the midst of the pandemic, but if a friend of yours is particularly struggling this aromatherapy letterbox gift set is a gesture designed to help them unwind. 

    All the products included are natural and plant-based and come in a selection of five signature scents including Serene (geranium rose, ylang ylang and lavender) and Restore (black pepper, bergamot and eucalyptus).

    What’s in it:

    • Bath Salts
    • Bath Bombs
    • Solid Moisture Bar
    • Pulse point roller ball oil

    Shop aromatherapy gift set by Naturally Good Scents at Etsy, £15.50

  • Hand Care kit

    Care Packages: Hand Care Kit from Lush.
    Care Packages: Hand Care Kit from Lush.

    If someone you know is a key worker, chances are they’ll be washing their hands more than ever before, which is likely causing dry patches and some irritation. 

    Treat them to one of Lush’s new hand care kits – there’s three to choose from but we particularly like the ‘calm’ option. They won’t be available to buy until 11 May, so keep your peepers peeled. 

    What’s in it:

    • 13 Soap Unlucky for Dirt
    • Sleepy soap
    • Tiny Hands solid hand serum
    • Dream Cream
    • Lemony Flutter cuticle butter 

    Shop Clean & Calm Hand Care Kit at Lush, £27

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