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11 cosy weighted blankets to help you get a better night’s sleep

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Weighted blankets are great for easing stress and anxiety, thanks to their ability to stimulate serotonin and create the feeling of a warm, comforting hug.

Nothing says winter like snuggling up in a blanket at night with a cup of tea and a good book – or watching a few episodes of your favourite show before dozing off.

While many of us have our favourite blankets to hold onto, it might be time for an upgrade – and a weighted blanket may just be the one to purchase.

Weighted blankets have numerous benefits, from helping poor sleepers get much-needed rest to easing anxiety and stress.

While they are like regular blankets, most have glass or plastic beads stitched into them, which gives the added weight that makes them oh-so-comfortable.

With the promise of pure relaxation, it’s no surprise that there is a rising number of people getting on the weighted blanket bandwagon – and we’ve curated the best of the best to purchase and meet any need.

  • Shop Therapy weighted lap pad

    Therapy weighted lap pad
    Weighted blankets: Therapy weighted lap pad

    If you’re looking for a lighter weighted blanket you can travel around with, this one from Therapy will do the job, making them great for use at your work desk or just simply relaxing on the sofa.

    Shop Therapy weighted lap pad, £36

  • Brentford weighted blanket

    a photo of a bed with a pink weighted blanket
    Weighted blanket: Brentford weighted blanket

    Coming in a blush pink shade, this Brentford weighted blanket is made of a breathable, comfortable and durable material while stimulating the stress points and boosting positive hormones.

    Shop Brentford weighted blanket at Amazon

  • John Lewis & Partners specialist synthetic weighted blanket

    A photo of John Lewis & Partners Specialist Synthetic Weighted Blanket
    Weighted blankets: John Lewis & Partners specialist synthetic weighted blanket

    This weighted blanket is simple in design but extremely effective. Complete with a special weighty filling to create a cosy feel and even pressure across your body, you can wrap yourself in this specialist blanket and reduce restlessness and increase relaxation in a matter of minutes.

    Shop John Lewis & Partners specialist synthetic weighted blanket, £80.00 - £110.00

  • Remy The Sleeper

    A photo of blanket on bed
    Weighted blankets: Remy The Sleeper

    The Sleeper prides itself on helping people get a better night’s sleep and has various options to cater to your needs. From four weight categories to a series of colours, this unique weighted blanket is the epitome of comfort.

    Shop Remy Sleeper, £139.00

  • Baloo weighted blanket

    A photo of blanket on a chair
    Weighted blankets: Baloo weighted blanket

    This weighted blanket comes with a host of benefits, from natural and chemical-free materials to 100% cotton exterior and interior making it perfect for cool, deep sleep.

    Shop Baloo weighted blanket £138.00

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