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Create your happy space at home with an emotional escape room – the interiors trend putting wellness first

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Taking some time for yourself is key – and adding an emotional escape room or space into your home is the perfect way to maximise your relaxation and restoration.

We all need a little escapism every now and then. An escape from work, from the news, friends, family – even our partners.

Being able to reconnect with ourselves and spend time alone can be an important aspect of one’s wellbeing – and creating a go-to space at home for you to purely relax is emerging as a big interiors trend this year.

They have been dubbed ‘emotional escape rooms’ – a dedicated space in your home to retreat to.

According to Love Hemp, Google Search Trends showed that searches for ‘yoga room’ more than doubled between 25 December 2021 and 2 January 2022, while searches for ‘crystal rooms’ increased more than eight times, and queries for creating a ‘tiny library room’ shot up over 12 times.

Whether it’s a dedicated space to do meditation, yoga or reading, it’s important that the space is created with wellness in mind and should be a place to tap in without distractions from mobile phones or other people.

“Wellness spaces and escape rooms are becoming increasingly significant within the home as people are recognising the importance of mental wellbeing, especially after such a turbulent and uncertain couple of years,” says interiors expert Rosie McDonnell.

“Often they are an escape from technology and offer a change to our usual routine, whether it be utilised as a yoga space, reading room, or just a place to relax.”

For those who don’t have a spare room to transform into an emotional escape room, Love Hemp recommends dedicating some space in your bedroom that focuses specifically on restoration and relaxing – as long as it’s comfortable and you feel relaxed in it, that’s really all you need. 

library corner
Emotional escape rooms: Library corners are becoming even more popular in 2022

You can use items you already have, such as candles and crystals to furnish the space.

“Creating a space which allows each individual to enjoy a bit of relaxation and escapism is non-negotiable,” says wellness expert Inbaal Honigman. “Finding an emotionally safe space from your significant other was also a need heightened by lockdowns – even the closest couples can’t be under each other’s skin all the time.”

“When you’re inside the space, even if it’s not a whole room, you set your own rules,” says Honigman. “Are phones allowed? Is anyone allowed to talk to you? Is it compulsory to have a book when you enter? Set your ground rules, set your borders, and walk into your own individual space.”

So if you’re looking to get started on your emotional escape room (or space), we’ve shared a few best buys that are worth adding to your list.

  • Myga entry level yoga mat

    Myga entry level yoga mat
    Myga entry level yoga mat

    If you’re a yoga newbie, this is the perfect mat to get you started. Available in a range of shades, it features a non-slip and soft surface, is lightweight and supports your joints to ensure the best experience.

    Shop Myga entry level yoga mat, £13.99

  • H&M Home rectangular tasselled cushion

    H&M Home rectangular tasselled cushion
    H&M Home rectangular tasselled cushion

    Whether you want to sit and read a book or lie down for a quick nap, this rectangular tasselled cushion from H&M is the perfect accessory for your emotional escape room.

    Shop H&M Home rectangular tasselled cushion, £29.99

  • Aery happy space scented candle

    Aery happy space scented candle
    Aery happy space scented candle

    Scented candles can help create the perfect ambience and aid in relaxation – and this soothing rose geranium and amber fragrance from Aery candles will fill you with that warm and fuzzy feeling.

    Shop Aery happy space scented candle, £27

  • Urban Outfitters Miram woven stool

    Urban Outfitters Miram woven stool
    Urban Outfitters Miram woven stool

    Set a candle or cup of tea on this lightweight cane stool from Urban Outfitters, which will be the perfect accent piece for your emotional escape room.

    Shop Urban Outfitters Miram woven stool, £39

  • Patch Nicolau

    Patch Nicolau
    Patch Nicolau plant

    There are so many health and wellbeing benefits that come with filling your space with plants that having one in your emotional escape room is a no-brainer – like this wild banana plant from Patch Plants.

    Shop Patch Nicolau, from £60

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