A colour gradient feature wall, with grey, blue and pink tones. In front is a light pink armchair next to a palm in a gold plant pot. Gradient homewares are one of Etsy's interior trends for 2022

The interiors trends that are set to take over in 2022, according to Etsy

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Looking for an excuse to revamp your home for the new season? You’re in luck. Etsy has released its 2022 Home Decor Trends Guide just in time for spring – think pastel pops and over-the-top textures. 

Say goodbye to the drab and dreary shades of seasons gone by, because Etsy says it’s time to introduce some colour and character into your space.

According to the global marketplace’s new report, this year’s biggest home decor trends are all about injecting some personality into overlooked areas of the home. Don’t panic, though. If you’re a fan of all-white interiors, consider incorporating some calming neutrals like taupe, camel and tan to warm things up a little while still keeping things on the minimalist side. Or if you prefer bold brights and pretty patterns, you’ll be pleased to hear that retro prints are here to stay. Ahead, we break down Etsy’s predictions for interior design in 2022.

Handmade furniture

Shoppers are clearly after a more personal feel when it comes to their interiors, as searches for handmade furniture have increased by 2,313% on Etsy. Even if you’re not in the market for any big-ticket items, you can still add some bespoke touches to your space . Look to hand-crafted home accessories like vases, utensils and storage, instead.

Over-the-top textures

Etsy’s report suggests that after two years of social distancing, aka sensory deprivation, many of us are looking for homewares with tactile, as well as visual, appeal. Searches for boucle items are up 83%, tufted wall art searches have increased by 172%, and there’s been a a 38% increase in searches for fluted or ribbed glassware. As the latter suggests, you needn’t confine your experiments with textures to textiles. Bubbly candles and ridged ceramics are also an easy way in.


Colour-play trends have been popular in fashion and beauty over the past few years, with tie-dye clothes back in style and ombre manis popping up on Instagram. According to Etsy, the interiors world wants in. The platform has seen an increase in demand for candles, artwork and wallpaper with colour gradient motifs. 

Statement mirrors

You probably have functional mirrors at home, but do you have a statement mirror? It’s well-known interior design wisdom that mirrors are great for opening up a room and bringing in light, but they can also be a talking point. Used decoratively, mirrors can add drama to your space – and while antique mirrors and contemporary mirrors certainly pack a punch, Etsy has seen a 203% increase in searches for funky mirrors. Tufted and splat mirrors are all over Instagram, or you could also take it back to 2020 and DIY your own foam mirror. 

Mood-boosting accents

If there’s one thing the pandemic made clear, it’s that home is a space that needs to feel good. That can manifest in a number of ways: whether you’re a nostalgia junkie and fancy introducing retro patterns and bold colours or you’re an Instagram-friendly pastel girl at heart and keep things soft and playful, this year home decor is all about reflecting the quirks of your personality. 

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