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This diverse, female-owned design studio is a go-to for reimagining traditional textiles

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As part of our Female-Founded Friday series, we take a look at London-based design studio Dar Leone.

As we begin to fully embrace the winter months, injecting some colour into our lives has become even more important. Whether you’re embracing bold hues in your clothing, make-up or homeware, choosing products that stand out amid the greys, browns and beiges can be the perfect touch to looking and feeling good about yourself and the spaces around you.

One brand which is all about embracing vibrant colours and prints is Dar Leone, a luxury homeware and jewellery brand founded by Sierra Leonean-American Isatu Funna.

Dar Leone creates and curates a range of jewellery, textiles, wallpaper, cushions and objects inspired by Isatu’s travels around the world and her childhood memories in Freetown.

Isatu’s travels have continued to serve as an inspiration and can be seen throughout Dar Leone’s products, from ancient Nomoli figures carved in soapstone and found in Sierra Leone to the geometry of a metal gate handworked by artisans in Freetown.

If you’re looking to brighten up your home, we’ve selected a few pieces which would be a great addition to your space.

  • Tissue box cover

    product photo of a printed tissue box on a table
    Female-founded Friday: Dar Leone tissue box cover

    Maximalists are sure to love this tissue box, which features a striking geometric print that’s reminiscent of traditional West African design, with the beaded edging on the lozenge pattern being a common feature of filigree gold from a wide range of tribes from Guinea to the Ivory Coast.

    Shop Dar Leone tissue box cover at The Drop, £25

  • Rosewood Lobi with three bantu knots

    A product photo of a dar leone head sculpture of a woman with bantu knots
    Female-founded Friday: Rosewood Lobi with Three Bantu Knots

    Guests are sure to comment on this stand-out sculpture. Inspired by cast bronze figures from Burkina Faso, these Lobi figures make a perfect bookend or paperweight.

    Shop Dar Leone rosewood lobi with three bantu knots, £69

  • Dea Hots large cushion

    A product photo of a colourful printed cushion
    Female-founded Friday: Dar Leone Dea Hots large cushion

    Curl up on the sofa with this vibrant diamond and stripe cushion, which is a part of Dar Leone’s very first textile collection and inspired by traditional textiles of Sierra Leone. 

    Shop Dar Leone dea hots large cushion, £72

  • Bamileke beaded stool V

    a product photo of beaded stool
    Female-founded Friday: Bamileke beaded stool V

    Elevate your living space with this beaded stool, which takes inspiration from the Bamileke people of the grasslands of Cameroon. The metal-covered stool is designed with cloth and embroidered by hand with glass beads.

    Shop Dar Leone Bamileke beaded stool V, £899

  • Vessel Afrique vermillion ice

    a product photo Dar Leone Vessel Afrique vermillion ice
    Dar Leone Vessel Afrique vermillion ice

    This bold lidded pot features geometric patterns based on a method of tribal identification and will be a fun addition to your home.

    Shop Dar Leone Vessel Afrique vermillion ice, £49

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Images: The Drop / Dar Leone

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