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4 ways to nail the green interiors trend that's all over Instagram

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Green interiors are everywhere this season – here’s how to work the trend into your living space…

If you’ve had even a brief click through an interiors hashtag or flicked through a home decor mag in the last few months, you’ll have seen a whole lot of green.

More daring than omnipresent grey without looking wacky or OTT, it’s the kind of versatile shade you can use throughout the home, regardless of your personal aesthetic.

Not only that, but because the brain tends to associate the colour with nature and the great outdoors, green can have a calming, stress-easing effect – just the thing to retreat into after another packed commute.

Whether you’re looking for a few emerald-tinged accessories or a full-on redesign, here’s how to introduce some more green into your interiors.

  • 1. Check the light

    This is true of all colours, but before you think about painting the walls in any room, you need to consider which way it’s facing, and how the light will hit.

    “Think about how a room is going to be used,” says Zoe Anderson, founder of lifestyle store W.A. Green.

    “For example, a deep, dark shade of green in an east-facing room will make you feel invigorated in the morning light, before darkening into a cosy den for the evening.

    “Then for a west-facing room, I’d recommend a bright emerald green.

    “The brightness will liven you up in the morning when the room is getting less natural light, but it will also stay vibrant and energising once you get home from work.” 

  • 2. Experiment with floors and ceilings

    Wall covering and fabrics by James Hare

    If you want to make a statement, go for a big, bold shade on walls, floors or ceilings. 

    However, there are rules.

    “If you want to use green on your flooring, try using tiles where the colour will be broken up in a pattern,” says Louisa Greville Williams and Sarah Vanrenen of Vanrenen GW Designs.

    “We do use a lot of green in our colour schemes and are happy to use a strong green on all walls in a room. We recently decorated one where we painted the ceiling, then down to the floor.

    “Try introducing other colours into the scheme with pictures, curtains and soft furnishings to break it up – it’s a good way to soften the look.”

    A metal drinks trolley would be a solid choice of accessory. To keep the green theme going, stock with a bottle from the new Ketel One Botanical range.

  • 3. Use statement furniture

    If green floors or ceilings sound like too much for your space, statement furniture is a great alternative.

    “Punchy in its own right, a green velvet sofa also offers a brilliant canvas for layering,” says Megan Holloway of Sofa Workshop.

    “Try retro cushions in 70s and 80s-inspired fabrics for an easy way to liven up neutral interiors.”

    When it comes to accenting, bring the most out of your pieces with carefully selected accessories.

    “Green works especially well with walnut or brass,” adds Holloway.

    “Walnut is warm and brings out the brightness in more muted greens, while brass accents give a luxe edge to the colour scheme.”

  • 4. Mix and match

    When it comes to pairing different shades, green is quite a forgiving colour, so don’t be afraid to layer it up.

    “If you’re combining different shades of green, a quick rule is to stick to using either yellow-based greens or blue-based greens,” says colour and paint expert Annie Sloan.

    “Try using a dark green shade on the walls, but for the furniture and accessories, use a lighter shade of the same green.

    “I love grey-greens as neutrals, because they’re a very forgiving base and look immediately luxurious.

    “Finally, remember that olive shades can act as the chameleon of most schemes, as they’re warm, earthy, and mutable – use them with harvest golds, oranges and pale blues.” 

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