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Royalcore: the TikTok-approved interiors trend that will add a regal flair to your home

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This exuberant and opulent trend is all about celebrating luxury.

We all like to feel like a lady in luxury when winding down at home. Whether it’s treating ourselves to a nice candle or buying fresh flowers every week, it’s important to do things that make us look and feel like the queens we truly are.

One of the trends encapsulating this is royalcore – a homeware aesthetic inspired by the likes of Bridgerton to The Crown, which embraces all things regal and royal.

The trend “royalcore aesthetic” has seen a 1,000% increase in Pinterest searches and 175 million views on TikTok, proving that people are taking inspiration from periodic and lavish TV shows and the interiors they find within them.

Originating from the Belle Époque period of the late 19th century, royalcore is about celebrating opulence at home – and we’ve found 11 pieces from floral wallpaper to four-poster beds that will have you feeling like you’ve stepped back in time and are truly the lady of the manor.

  • Wayfair Brianna floral duvet cover set

    A photo of Wayfair Brianna floral duvet cover set
    Wayfair Brianna floral duvet cover set

    Featuring watercolour techniques this design showcases intricate hand-painted florals and leaf sprigs and will have you waking up in a luxurious and calm setting.

    Wayfair Brianna floral duvet cover set at UFurnish, £38.99

  • Rockett St George black & gold Chinoiserie porcelain vase

    A photo of a black and gold vase
    Rockett St George black & gold Chinoiserie porcelain vase

    This traditional vase features a delightfully unique curved shape in a grand black and gold chinoiserie symmetrical pattern with elegant peacocks and trees. Adorned with black decorative handles and a wide opening, this porcelain vase would look even better displayed with dramatic wispy stems, elevating the drama of the piece in an eye-catching style.

    Shop Rockett St George black & gold Chinoiserie porcelain vase at UFurnish, £48

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