Best bamboo furniture to shop now (and how to style it)

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See how the chicest influencers on Instagram style their bamboo furniture and recreate the look for yourself. 

Natural, woven furniture is big news on the interior design scene. We’re already huge fans of rattan, both for furniture pieces and styling accessories, but we think it’s time bamboo deserved some of the limelight, too.

Bamboo is a renewable, grass-like substance which is considered a sustainable and hard-wearing alternative for furniture, flooring and many other household items. Although it’s hard to ascertain exactly how sustainable bamboo furniture production is when it’s created on mass, especially in China and shipped over to the UK, it’s still a better choice than homeware made using materials like plastic.

We love bamboo for its organic, unrefined feel and beachy aesthetic, as well as its eco-credentials, so we’ve looked to some of our favourite influencers for styling ideas on how to work bamboo into your home. 

From room dividers to beds, here are five ways to style bamboo furniture, and the products you need to recreate the look at home.

  • Statement chair

    Bamboo furniture is so aesthetically pleasing because of the way it is woven, showing off different shapes and designs. 

    A bamboo chair need not be tucked underneath the dining table or next to a desk, we suggest keeping it out where people can see it. 

    We love that Musemo Handahu has made hers into such a feature, positioning it almost like an ornament and painting it bright blue.

  • Bamboo chair

    This natural bamboo chair is a perfect all-rounder and can be used inside or out. 

    It’s comfortable to sit in and looks great alone or clustered with similar styles.

    Shop bamboo chair at ZaZa Homes, £145

  • Decorative footstool

    This gorgeous hotel in Tulum, Mexico, snapped by influencer Gina Jackson, has totally nailed bamboo styling. 

    We love the mix of rich, earthy tones with the pale, neutral look of the bamboo and rattan furnishings. 

    The mini table-slash-footstool is our favourite piece in the set up. It adds a little touch of texture and depth to an already lust-worthy room.

  • BANGOR bamboo mini table

    This light and airy bamboo table is an easy way to inject this trend into a living space. 

    Position it by a sofa, or next to a larger coffee table, and decorate with chic magazines or a candle.

    Shop BANGOR bamboo mini table at La Redoute, £152

  • Romantic room divider

    Room dividers make us think of sumptuously decorated boudoirs in fabulous places like Paris or Shanghai.

    If you want a little bit of this magic for yourself, but don’t fancy an interior design concept that’s over-the-top, try a bamboo style for a paired back feel. 

    We love the minimalism of this room, which focuses on neutral tones and zero clutter to make a statement. 

  • LOUGA room divider

    Maisons Du Monde have a fantastic selection of woven furniture, but they’ve really struck gold with this gorgeous room divider. 

    Use it to create a cosy nook in the corner of a room, to section out your private dressing area or as decoration in a hallway. 

    Shop LOUGA room divider at Maisons Du Monde, £176

  • Day bed sofa

    Kate Spiers is a pro when it comes to natural styling, decorating her whole apartment with touches of wicker, bamboo and rattan.

    We particularly love how she has worked this day-bed-come-sofa though, because of its relaxed feel and playful selection of pillows.

    It’s proof that not all home accessories need to be beige to create a natural look, and that pinks, greens and mustards can really make the aesthetic pop.

  • Hampstead bench

    This generous, comfy seat has a curved design which makes it perfect for piling up the pillows. 

    We recommend following Kate’s lead and mixing a range of rich colours together for more depth.

    Shop Hampstead bench at Garden Trading, £290

  • Bamboo bed

    Now, isn’t this a scene of perfection? Floaty, cream drapes, light streaming in through the windows, plenty of natural, woven furniture details and of course, a hell of a lot of plants. 

  • BALYSS bamboo bed frame

    We’d love to recreate the idyllic styling example above, and although our one bedroom flats may not have quite the same view, it’s not impossible to secure a similarly dreamy bed.

    This one from Tikamoon is a single frame and lies flat to the floor, which creates a relaxed vibe. 

    Shop BALYSS bamboo bed frame at Tikamoon, £249

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