Best chopping boards to have on display in your kitchen for a home accessories update

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These are the snazzy chopping boards that are so special, you’ll want to have them on show in your kitchen at all times. 

Buying practical homeware needn’t be boring. In fact, it’s the opposite thanks to the world of Pinterest and Instagram making us want to use everyday household products to create picture-perfect settings

Have you ever bought a pretty, engraved wooden spoon just to display it in a fancy pot and make it redundant from it’s usual and make it redundant from it’s usual purpose? Or have you purchased a stylish ceramic plate, only to carefully place it on your kitchen shelf never to actually use it? Well, chopping boards are also on the list of homeware that now works as a damn good-looking ornament as well as a practical utensil.

Using snazzy chopping boards to style your kitchen is now a ‘thing’, and so many people seem to be jumping on the ‘boards too pretty to use’ homeware hype. 

Unconvinced? You’ll understand when you see the beautifully designed pieces on offer. Save these for best (or for a special cheese and charcuterie night), prop on a shelf or cabinet to give your kitchen a casual and rustic decor, or use as a carefully placed centrepiece on a table our countertop.

The possibilities - beyond chopping food - are endless. Here you’ll find our edit chopping boards you’ll want to uses as showpieces.

Best fancy chopping boards

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