23 brilliant and stylish Christmas crafts for adults to try this festive season

Christmas crafting is one of the best ways to spend Christmas 2021. Pick a project from our easy, step-by-step guides to start making fabulous Christmas arts and crafts, decorations and handmade Christmas gifts that your friends and family will love. 

Christmas is here, so shops are reeling us in with their Christmas adverts, sparkling lights and ornate, festive displays. Despite the fact we can all enjoy a spot of Christmas shopping, nothing sums up the spirit of the season more than lovingly-gifted handmade gifts, decorations and treats.

Not only is embarking on a Christmas arts and craft project a cosy way to spend a winter evening; handmade Christmas gifts are also a more sustainable way to tell your friends and family you love them and to decorate your home as the festivities get underway. 

After last year’s damp squib of a festive season, handmade gifts are also a heartfelt and meaningful way to tell your friends and family how much they mean to you as we’re (hopefully) reunited this Christmas.

Whether you’re looking to craft your own Christmas wreath, make your own Christmas candles to place on a sparkling Christmas table or make personal, handmade gifts for your loved ones, there are plenty of Christmas arts and crafts to keep you busy this festive season.  

Take a look at our list of fun Christmas craft ideas you can easily try your hand at – from decorations for your home and Christmas food and drinks to fun gift ideas. Rest assured, you won’t be making any old stocking fillers. All our guides will show you how to make trending and useful crafts, from stylish dried flower wreaths and Instagram-approved painted candles to collaged Christmas cards and festive sloe berry gin.

Whether you’re a crafting fanatic looking for new ideas or a beginner searching for easy to make arts and crafts that will still look slick and professional, you’ve come to the right place. Merry Christmas and happy crafting.

Check out our list of easy Christmas crafts for adults.

Handmade Christmas gift ideas

Give a truly heartfelt Christmas present this year by making your very own gifts by hand. Not only will your loved ones appreciate them so much more, it also means you can make your presents as eco-friendly as possible (there’ll be no excess cardboard or shrink-wrap on these bespoke gifts). 

Whether you want to make traditional festive favourites to spread some cheer this season, or you’d prefer to craft fun items that your friends and family will be able to keep forever, there’s a craft on our list for you. 

Check out our full list of handmade gift ideas below:

Get creative and craft your own Christmas presents in 2021.

DIY Christmas food and drink ideas 

Christmas is a time to wine and dine. But, instead of automatically going to the supermarket for all your culinary needs, why not try making your favourite festive snack and treats instead. Handmade food and drink is also a great gift idea. 

From festive tipples to foodie gifts that your friends and family will be able to use all year round, these easy how-to guides will keep you busy this Christmas. 

Check out our full list of handmade Christmas food and drink ideas below:

Make your own Christmas wreath or make your own Christmas cards.

Easy Christmas decoration craft ideas

Christmas means decking your halls with soft twinkling lights and bright, colourful decorations. Whether you’re looking to level up your Christmas tablescaping game this year with handmade candles and lovingly crafted placemats or you’re after some stunning floral arrangements to bring the festive vibes, there’s a crafting guide here for you. 

Check out our full list of handmade Christmas decoration ideas below:

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