11 fringed home accessories to give your interior a stylish upgrade

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From old-school luxury stools to macramé wall hangings, here’s how to bring the fringed interiors trend into your home.

Fringed homeware is one of those interior styles that never seems to go out of fashion, and we’re 100% OK with that.

It’s not hard to see why we’re still so obsessed with the fringed style: while the classic fringed lampshade is still a staple of this trend, there’s a growing number of products which take advantage of fringe, including sofas, cushions and statement mirrors. And while the classic fringed style may be associated with old-school glamour, there’s a new wave of boho-style pieces to enjoy, too.

Even though the fringed style may lean towards the more maximalist side of things, bringing one or two fringed pieces into a minimalist space can also be a great way to make a decorative statement without overdoing it.

With so many different fringed products available to choose from, you’re sure to find one (or more) pieces you’ll love. From maximalist lampshades to artistic throws, we’ve selected a few of our favourites to get you started.

  • Star Fringe Lampshade

    Fringed Homeware: Star Fringe Lampshade from Copper Dust.
    Fringed Homeware: Copper Dust.

    Bring a splash of colour into your home with this beautiful star fringe lampshade from Copper Dust.

    Inspired by the industrial hub in Accra, Ghana, the stunning red and yellow stars and blue fringing make for the perfect statement piece.

    Shop Star Fringe Lampshade by Copper Dust at Not On The High Street, £140

  • Gatsby Cushion

    Fringed Homeware: Cushion by Malini.
    Fringed Homeware: Malini.

    Give your home some 1920’s glamour with this gold Gatsby Cushion from Malini.

    Perfect for adding a bit of luxury to any room, this cushion would look great tucked into a sofa corner or as part of an arrangement on your bed.

    Shop Gatsby Cushion by Malini at Fy, £30

  • Liklim Fringed Basket

    Fringed Homeware: La Redoute.
    Fringed Homeware: La Redoute.

    If you’re not a fan of vibrant colours and statement pieces, this boho-style basket from La Redoute is a great way to bring the fringed trend into your home.

    Keep it as a storage basket or use it as an oversized plant pot – whatever floats your boat! 

    Shop Liklim Fringed Basket at La Redoute, £45

  • Fringed Velvet Chair

    Fringed Homeware: Fringed Velvet Chair from Pad Lifestyle.
    Fringed Homeware: Pad Lifestyle.

    Bring some extra glamour into your home with this statement chair from Pad Lifestyle.

    As if the fringed detailing wasn’t enough, we’re in love with the pastel pink velvet finish and rounded shape. Stick it in the corner of your bedroom or make it a statement piece in your living room – the choice is all yours.

    Shop Fringed Velvet Chair at Pad Lifestyle, £899

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